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Listen Up: Meet Young Agent Elaine Gascon

"Everything's changing every single day with the market and new endorsements," says young agent Elaine Gascon. "For me, that's what kept me here in insurance."
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Listen Up: Meet Young Agent Elaine GasconElaine Gascon

Account Executive

King & Neel


Age: 33

Go-to drink order: Four shots of espresso a day

Desired superpower: Predicting the future

Favorite candy: Chocolate-covered macadamia nuts

Why do you love insurance?

I'm a quick learner, so I'm always eager to learn more. Insurance really provided me with that challenge. There's always more to learn. Everything's changing every single day with the market and new endorsements. For me, that's what kept me here in insurance.

Still using your psychology degree?

It teaches you to understand people, and the business we're in is a people business. I feel like that was definitely a good starting point. My degree and my background really help me thrive. You need to understand where people are coming from and be open-minded. I've actually met other people in the industry with the same background. It's interesting how that worked out.

Work-life balance?

It's a blessing to have a work-life balance where we can do our jobs outside of typical office hours. I have a three-year-old, and I work from home pretty much full time. I am very fortunate to be able to work full time and still be a parent and witness this critical time in my son's development. Insurance is a pretty flexible industry, and that's a definite pro for trying to recruit young professionals. You can have a good work-life balance in insurance.

Millennial stereotypes?

One of the stereotypes for the younger generations is that we just want more money and more promotions without putting in any work—no loyalty, just kind of jumping around. But that really doesn't reflect the journey of a lot of us in the industry. I feel like I've actually had to work harder and prove myself more because of my age. No matter how hard you work and what it took to earn your promotions and designations, people will talk and make comments and make stereotypes about the younger generations.

I've learned it's just a losing battle to be worried about what others think or feel like you need to change how they see you or the younger generations. Personally, I let those stereotypes fuel me by motivating me to do more instead and making me more willing to take on more challenges. 

AnneMarie McPherson Spears is IA news editor. 

Thursday, June 22, 2023
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