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Set Yourself Up for Success Now Yourself Up for Success NowWhether you are in the early or late stage in your career, the steps you take towards your future should be deliberate and well planned.10/19/2020 10:00:00 AMSponsored ContentPerpetuation & Valuation Recruiting, Hiring & TrainingStrategies
5 Reality Checks to Ensure You’re Ready for Agency Ownership Reality Checks to Ensure You’re Ready for Agency OwnershipThink agency ownership is in your future? First, you need to take a good look at yourself in the mirror.10/8/2019 5:59:52 PMPerpetuation & ValuationPerpetuation & Valuation Agency Operations & Best PracticesStrategiesDavid W. Tralka
Why Hiring Millennials is a Win-Win Hiring Millennials is a Win-WinGen Y staffers have a lot to offer your agency. But attracting them to the insurance industry is no easy feat—and retaining this job-hopping demographic requires a sharp shift in agency culture.5/28/2015 5:34:02 PMRecruiting, Hiring & TrainingRecruiting, Hiring & Training Perpetuation & ValuationStrategiesJacquelyn Connelly
Perpetuation Planning: Are You On Track? Planning: Are You On Track?Are you in the process of mapping out the future of your agency? Here’s what you should remember at each stage of the perpetuation planning process.5/13/2015 5:03:32 PMPerpetuation & ValuationPerpetuation & ValuationStrategiesJacquelyn Connelly
The Factors Lenders Focus on for Loan Approval Factors Lenders Focus on for Loan ApprovalAlthough some lenders may have unique requirements for obtaining a loan with their institution, you can expect all of them to focus on a few general categories.2/26/2018 9:16:30 PMSponsored ContentSponsored Content Perpetuation & ValuationViewpoints
Taking Over: Meet Millennial Agent Annie Wilson Over: Meet Millennial Agent Annie WilsonLike many other millennials, Annie Wilson is a jack of all trades. "I do mostly personal lines, but I also work on IT, social media, marketing," she says. "The insurance space is a great industry with so many different opportunities, which is super exciting."7/30/2019 6:18:23 PMPerpetuation & ValuationPerpetuation & ValuationViewpointsJacquelyn Connelly