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How Agents Can Be Trusted Cybersecurity Advisors Agents Can Be Trusted Cybersecurity Advisors If agents truly want to be trusted risk advisors, they need to talk with their customers about more than simply the insurance side of cyberattack mitigation. Here are the three main methods of dealing with cyber risk.3/2/2020 7:14:25 PMCyber LiabilityCyber LiabilityStrategiesSam Affolter
Why You Should Talk to Your Clients About Cybersecurity You Should Talk to Your Clients About Cybersecurity Cyberattacks are on the rise—and often target small businesses. Here are four conversation starters that will help you talk to your clients about cybersecurity. 11/7/2019 12:11:31 AMCyber LiabilityCyber LiabilityStrategiesSam Affolter
HSB Cultivates Farm Cyber Endorsement Cultivates Farm Cyber Endorsement Farmers today are using technology to manage almost every aspect of their farms—from capturing farm production data to controlling precision agriculture processes. However, as farming technology becomes more sophisticated, so does the risk of a cyberattack.9/16/2019 6:34:02 PMCyber LiabilityCyber LiabilityMarketsWill Jones
Are Your Public Entities Clients in Denial about Cyber? Your Public Entities Clients in Denial about Cyber?Public entities are unique among commercial insurance exposures for a variety of reasons. But when it comes to cyber exposure, they're just like any other commercial risk: vulnerable.8/28/2017 7:39:59 PMPublic EntitiesCyber Liability Public EntitiesMarketsJacquelyn Connelly
Coalition Launches CCPA Endorsement Launches CCPA EndorsementThe product responds to the financial risk the new California Consumer Privacy Act regulation presents to existing Coalition policyholders and small to mid-sized businesses.4/20/2020 4:55:28 PMCyber LiabilityCyber LiabilityMarketsWill Jones
From the Front Lines: Cyber Liability the Front Lines: Cyber LiabilityIndependent agent Dan Weedin is noticing "volatility" in the cyber liability insurance market. "The risk and exposure is constantly changing and it's difficult to keep up with," he says. "We must stay up to date with the appropriate coverages for perils that might not exist today."10/7/2019 6:36:55 PMCyber LiabilityCyber LiabilityMarketsWill Jones