Current Issue - IA Magazine

November 2017

Volume 114, No. 11

November 2017

In Our Own Words: 3 Real-Life Perpetuation Stories

Independent agents Zuri Malick, Kyle Dean and Kali DeWitt share their personal experiences with perpetuation.

Life After the Sale: Are You Ready for Retirement?

Ready to sell? Not so fast. Between lifestyle needs, your time horizon and the impact of taxes, there's a lot more to selling your agency than meets the eye.

Buyer's Guide: The 6 Stages of Acquiring an Agency

Thinking about acquiring? Map out these six phases before you begin the process.

No Tomorrow? The E&O Challenges of Business Continuity Planning

Between now and the day you retire, unforeseeable outcomes may get in the way of your workplace farewell. What will happen to your agency, and how can you minimize disruption?

3 Factors that Influence M&A Activity

In the first half of 2017, merger & acquisition deals in the U.S. insurance sector reached $10 billion—more than triple the $2.9 billion total deals in the first half of 2016. But keep in mind: A dollar amount isn’t necessarily an indicator of a robust market.

Engagement Strings: Younger Employees Want Mentorship

Why don't more millennials stay at their jobs longer? They’re not challenged, they see no room for growth and development, or they’re not being mentored.

10 Reasons Your Agency Should Go Mobile

Smartphones are the most commonly owned device worldwide—and between 2012 and 2016, the number of people who used one as their main way of accessing the internet increased 40%.

Agency Profile: Home Run

It all started when Andrew Rutherford decided to run the Charleston half marathon. Although they weren’t runners, co-workers Andy Enders and Sydney Kyler gave in and agreed to run the Hershey half. Fast forward three years, and running is now entrenched in the agency's culture.

Declaration of Independents: Janie Geis

Fourth‑generation independent agent Janie Geis worked for her dad’s agency through college, but she didn’t officially start her insurance career until she graduated. “It was always my Plan B and I never really ended up having a Plan A,” she jokes. “But in hindsight, 12 years later, this industry has totally rocked my world.”