Current Issue - IA Magazine

October 2017

Volume 114, No. 10

October 2017

How to Go Above and Beyond in Workers Comp

Just because workers compensation insurance is mandatory doesn't mean you can afford to be lazy. To make the client/agent relationship count, you have to be proactive.

Inside the Job: State of the Workers Comp Market

What's driving rate decreases in workers compensation? Here's what you need to know about the challenges this market faces in 2017 and beyond.

Does Workers Comp Coverage Follow Traveling Employees?

Your clients have employees who are willing to travel across state lines to get the job done. But will their workers compensation coverage follow?

Misguided: Workers Comp and the Classification of Employees

Failing to understand the details of employee classification requirements under workers compensation statutes can result in inaccurate reporting, which can lead to an assessment of additional premium after an audit—and an E&O claim.

How to Create Sales Incentives that Motivate

Most managers don’t know what inspires and motivates each individual on their team to perform. Instead, they make two general assumptions: That salespeople are coin operated, and that what motivates the manager personally will also motivate everyone else.

8 Ways to Become Your Agency's MVP

Why don’t more people aspire to be the most valued employee? Why be content with ordinary when you could be so much more?

Cognitive Dissonance: The Time to Invest in Digital is Yesterday

The majority of independent agents believe consumer demand for online services will have a major effect on their agency by 2020. Yet not even half say they’re comfortable embracing online account management.

Agency Profile: Captive Crossroads

After working in claims for a carrier and later for State Farm, Mark Bailey realized he wanted to leave a personal mark on his business—and the captive culture wasn't conducive to that goal.

Declaration of Independents: Ken Parker

Since the 1970s, Ken Parker has run his business in the same town where he grew up—deep roots for his conviction that “every agent owes something to their community.” And for more than 30 years, Parker has been doing his part to give back by teaching the importance of auto insurance to a group notorious for apathy: teenagers.