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July 2020

Volume 117, No. 7

July 2020

Fresh Perspective: 10 Young Agents Talk Shop

10 independent agents in their 20s and 30s share insights on the insurance industry in 2020—and where they plan to take it.

Adversity Meets Opportunity

The story of how contingency planning led to the most profitable month in an agency’s history—during lockdown.

4 Ways to Steer Clear of UM/UIM E&O Claims

Insurance agents need to be careful and take appropriate steps to avoid errors & omissions claims that allege they failed to offer uninsured/underinsured motorist and umbrella coverage.

How Coronavirus Will Impact the Life Insurance Market

COVID-19 is a major health concern that is causing quite the economic downfall. In life insurance, major changes are expected in the coming months.

5 Ways to Proactively Improve Employee Retention

Employee retention may not be the top issue on many employer’s minds—but there’s no time like the present to take steps to improve team spirit, encourage performance improvement and ultimately, instill loyalty.

Why Your Agency Should Consider Audio Advertising

Audio could be the advertising channel you need to get your message out. Here are three options to get started.

Transitional Track: Invest in Tech to Empower Next-Gen Employees

It is important to note that an underlying characteristic that defines the next generation is a reliance on technology in every aspect of their lives—and the workplace is absolutely no exception.

Agency Profile: Denver Agency

At Denver Agency, it’s relationship first, insurance second. Founded in 1932, the agency’s goal—even during pandemics—is to stay true to the clients that have helped them stay true for more than 80 years.

Declaration of Independents: Nicole Coppock

Nicole Coppock refers to herself as a product of the Invest program. Now, she frequently returns to her old high school to teach classes about insurance and careers in the industry.