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December 2017

Volume 114, No. 12

December 2017

Cracking the Code: The Cyber Coverages You Need to Know Now

As one of the youngest markets in the insurance industry, cyber is also one of the most competitive. But with no standard policy form, are you sure your clients have the best coverage available?

How to Manage Cyber Risk: Start With People

Prove your worth with commercial clients by helping them develop smart cybersecurity practices.

Lined Up: Is Your Agency In Compliance with Cyber Regulations?

Does your agency follow the same cybersecurity best practices you demand of your clients? The Agents Council for Technology developed the Agency Cyber Guide 1.0 to provide tools for compliance and protection in today's world of data breach and cybercrime.

Point/Counterpoint: Is Texting a Viable Form of Client Communication?

Two independent agents debate the issue.

6 Ways to Lower Your E&O Risk in Cyber

Because the amount of cyber coverage available is normally several million dollars, the potential errors & omissions exposure for mishandling such a policy is substantial.

Cyber Solutions Gain Traction in Personal Lines

As consumer cyber exposure starts to catch up with commercial exposure, more and more personal lines insurers are starting to offer family or personal cyber coverages.

Top 6 Selling Bloopers—and How to Avoid Them

In sports, a blooper is a preventable error that favors the other team, like when the players score against their own side. In business, similar blunders end up favoring the competition—particularly during buying conversations with potential clients.

The Weakest Link: 4 Types of Employees that Threaten Cybersecurity

Up to 95% of data breaches result from human error, according to a recent survey from Willis Towers Watson—and that means cyber isn’t just an IT concern. It’s an HR one, too.

Agency Profile: Run with It

After graduating college, Cameron Annas was eager to carve a place for himself at his parents' agency. He took a sales call with Challenge Design Innovations, a zip line manufacturer struggling with workers comp—and struck gold in an underserved industry.

Declaration of Independents: Ashley Brady

When Hurricane Matthew devastated his community, independent agent Ashley Brady decided his town’s leaders weren’t doing enough to help constituents. He ran for mayor against the incumbent—and won.