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4 Invaluable Product Liability Coverages Invaluable Product Liability Coverages Clients may look to reduce coverage with product liability market pricing expected to continue hardening in 2021. Here are four coverages agents should consider offering to ensure their clients are adequately insured.1/25/2021 11:05:00 AMProduct LiabilityProduct LiabilityMarketsOlivia Overman
New HSB Insurance Covers Invisible Risks HSB Insurance Covers Invisible RisksWhen 6 million transistors—the heart of integrated circuits—can fit onto the head of a pin, microcircuitry damage is so small as to be undetectable. Hartford Steam Boiler’s equipment breakdown and technology coverage is designed to cover such “invisible” risks.12/21/2015 9:25:56 PMProduct LiabilityProduct LiabilityMarketsRonimarie Acord
Why Product Recalls Are on the Rise—and Why You Should Care Product Recalls Are on the Rise—and Why You Should CareFood recalls per year in the U.S. have almost doubled since 2002, and 2015 marked a record year for auto recalls, according to recent studies—but what's driving the trend?8/21/2017 7:38:57 PMProduct LiabilityProduct LiabilityMarketsJacquelyn Connelly
From the Front Lines: Product Liability the Front Lines: Product LiabilitySelf-proclaimed "coverage geek" Kent Anthony knows product liability insurance is vital for a wide range of clients—and makes it a personal goal to fully understand the unique exposures of each.6/27/2016 6:59:31 PMProduct LiabilityProduct LiabilityMarketsJordan Reabold
How to Tell if Your Clients Need Discontinued Product Coverage to Tell if Your Clients Need Discontinued Product CoverageDiscontinued products that remain in the stream of commerce can still cause injury or damage. And unless your clients still have a product liability policy in place when the injury or damage actually occurs, they won’t have coverage.7/11/2016 6:00:00 PMProduct LiabilityProduct LiabilityMarketsJacquelyn Connelly
Product Liability: Emerging Risks Indicate Market Growth Liability: Emerging Risks Indicate Market Growth While negatively impacted by the global pandemic, certain sectors of the product liability market, from technology to the life sciences industry, are seeing opportunities for growth. 1/4/2021 11:10:00 AMProduct LiabilityProduct LiabilityMarketsOlivia Overman