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Addressing Risks in Managing Benefit Plans Risks in Managing Benefit PlansWith open enrollment season upon us, employers should practice these three strategies to avoid the risks involved in offering employee benefit plans.11/5/2019 6:51:17 PMEmployee BenefitsEmployee BenefitsStrategiesTerrence Tracy
Top 7 Agent Issues of 2012 7 Agent Issues of 2012The elections, health care reform and increasing property-casualty pricing are among the significant issues and events that affected independent insurance agents in 2012. But what topped IN&V editors' year-in-review list? Read on to find out. 12/20/2012 3:00:00 PMAgency Operations & Best PracticesAgency Operations & Best Practices Commercial Lines Personal Lines Employee Benefits On the Hill Life-HealthViewpointsIN&V Staff
What Retirement Concerns Keep Your Clients Awake at Night? Retirement Concerns Keep Your Clients Awake at Night?Despite the constant push for people to develop a reasonable plan for a comfortable retirement, procrastination seems to get in the way. 3/14/2017 8:24:06 PMLife-HealthLife-Health Employee BenefitsViewpointsDave Evans
3 Approaches to Allocating Assets Approaches to Allocating AssetsMost people maintain the largest portion of their savings in their 401(k) plan—but they might want to consider taking a longer-term approach to asset allocation.12/14/2016 12:32:26 AMEmployee BenefitsLife-Health Employee BenefitsViewpointsDave Evans
What to Consider When Serving Veteran Clients to Consider When Serving Veteran ClientsVeterans are used to plans and accountability, but they have unique insurance and financial planning needs. Address them carefully to best serve those who served.11/10/2016 2:09:50 AMEmployee BenefitsLife-Health Employee BenefitsViewpointsLucila Williams
Your Clients Probably Aren’t Ready for Retirement Clients Probably Aren’t Ready for RetirementMany people within 10 years of the traditional retirement age of 65 have not saved enough to maintain a similar standard of living in retirement.12/20/2016 11:31:33 PMEmployee BenefitsLife-Health Employee BenefitsViewpointsDave Evans