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Agency Nation Meets: Torey Maerz

In a new monthly column, get to know technology-crazy Torey Maerz.
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agency nation meets: torey maerz

Get to know the individuals that ignite the insurance industry as they answer our icebreaker questions.

Maerz has spent over 20 years building software and leading technology teams in a variety of businesses across a range of industries—from education to asset management. He co-founded ClientCircle with his brother, Carl Maerz, in 2013.

ClientCircle is an insurance communications platform that helps insurance agencies manage the complete customer journey, collect and analyze customer feedback, improve online reputation, collect reviews and testimonials, grow referrals, automate cross-selling, and send communications spanning email, text messaging, web chat and direct mail.

Hi, Torey! Thanks for joining us! What is your coffee order today?

Americano, intravenously, all day long.

Speaking of needles, do you have any tattoos?

Never had time to sit long enough to get one.

I guess it'd be pretty hard to do with the IV in the other arm too. In that case, what is your dream vacation?

The one where I can disconnect and never have to answer a question.

Oh boy ... this is embarrassing. What is the most embarrassing moment of your life?

The butt of my shorts ripped in front of my entire school when I was 7 years old while I was getting a citizenship award. 

I think I had a dream about that happening to me once. What superpower do you wish you had?


I bet that would've come in handy back in elementary school. If you could travel back in time to see a band play live, who would it be and why?

I'd go to Stevie Ray Vaughn's last concert and do everything I could to keep his helicopter from taking off.

Taken from us way too soon. If you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Chocolate cake.

Where would you go during a zombie apocalypse?

I'd be the person that would keep looking for a cure, so wherever I need to be to find an antidote or a vaccine.

Always solving problems. That's why we like you. What's your biggest pet peeve?

Broken things. I like when things are working properly and maintained well.

Man, do I have a story about a vaccine for you! Do you have a workout routine? How do you stay fit and healthy?

I like to stay fit. I run and lift weights. I should probably be more consistent with my workouts. I eat primarily whole foods and save that chocolate cake for special occasions.

So, other than skipping a workout, what's one thing you can't say no to?

Chocolate cake.

I guess we don't have to wait for your birthday then. Can you tell us a joke?


I can tell you're really sick of our questions now. What do you do to unwind after a long day at work?


At least we got a laugh out of you. Are you currently working toward any goals outside of work?

Making goals outside of work.

And what phrase or cliché do you most live by?

Do it.

Better practice what you preach, my friend, but I'm glad you made time for us. Lastly, if you could live in any historical period, which one would you choose?

The Wild West era. I would have loved to be an entrepreneur then. Thank you for having me, this was fun!

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Wednesday, April 5, 2023
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