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Agency Nation Meets: Mindi Zissman

Mindi Zissman is the president of Zissman Media, a business-to-business content firm specializing in the risk, insurance and compliance industries.
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Get to know the individuals that ignite the insurance industry as they answer our icebreaker questions. 

Mindi Zissman is the president of Zissman Media, a business-to-business content firm specializing in the risk, insurance and compliance industries. She started Zissman Media in 2004 to be the voice of her clients, expressing their industry expertise through thought leadership. Zissman is passionate about project research and connecting one-on-one with her clients.

In her spare time, she is an avid runner and fitness enthusiast and teaches an 11th grade writing workshop at a private high school in Chicago where she lives with her husband and five children.

Hi, Mindi! Thanks for joining us. It's great to have another writer here. So, what is the title of your hypothetical autobiography?

Are you there, God? It's me, Mindi.

The punctuation is on point there. What's your biggest pet peeve?

Inaccurate reporting. Anything from failure to cite a stat to failure to include a detail or bury the lead. Unfortunately, these tactics are pervasive today, even from traditionally strong news outlets. I teach a fake news unit to high school students, and I have to seriously update it this year, unfortunately.

I suppose we'll have to take your word for it. What's one productivity tool you couldn't live without?

Notes on my iPhone. I've heard there are better apps, but this one is working for now. I log everything there that comes into my head because you don't know if you'll remember it later.

What phrase or cliché do you most live by?

If I don't run the day, the day runs me!

We've heard you're a runner. Tell us about your morning routine?

Alarm at 6 a.m. I snooze and read the news until 6:40, when I jump out of bed, admonishing myself for sleeping in. A 3-mile run or core workout at 6:55. By 7:30 I'm getting the kids and myself ready. Drive carpool at 8. It's stressful!

So what do you do to unwind after a long day at work?

Fall asleep with one of my kids. My husband and I are always vying to “put them to sleep," aka, get a nap in.

What's the strangest tradition in your family?

It's not strange, but I'm proud of it. Our family motto is: “Improvise, Adapt and Overcome," borrowed from the Marines. This allows everyone to make a mistake, anything to happen to us and us to always push forward. It breeds resiliency in us adults and our kids.

Who has had the biggest influence on your professional career?

My father. He sold employee benefits when I was a kid and I observed his sales acumen—the speed at which he responded to clients, how he spoke to them and how he left no boxes unchecked. It makes me so happy when he tells me he's proud of me.

Now, if it's not too personal, we want to know who was your first celebrity crush?

Michael J. Fox as Alex P. Keaton, of course.

Of course! What superpower do you wish you had?

To see into the future!

That tracks. What about going back in time? If you could live in any historical period, which one would you choose?

The late 1800s. I love the dresses they wore!!

I think you could pull off that look. Thanks, Mindi!

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Wednesday, June 12, 2024
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