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Why You Should Implement an Agency-Wide Sales Approach

By defining and maintaining an agency-wide sales approach, your agency can create a uniform, consistent message to potential clients. Here are three ways your agency can benefit.
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We all want guaranteed success. Instant weight-loss guides, get-rich-quick books and a host of other “guaranteed” success strategies sell extremely well as customers seek the easiest path to success—only to find that there is no magic, effortless solution.   

Likewise, despite extensive discussion over the best sales strategies to maximize income, there is no guaranteed path to success in sales.

As salespeople work through varying strategies and game plans, agencies regularly struggle to attract prospects and seal deals with clients. Although there is no universal solution to sales, agencies can improve their success rate by employing an agency-wide sales approach.

By defining and maintaining an agency-wide sales strategy, your agency can create a uniform, consistent message to potential clients. Here are three ways your agency can benefit:

1) Efficient training. With a uniform approach, managers can easily identify the deficiencies of their sales team. If a team member sounds too robotic or is being too aggressive with the client, then it will be easy for the manager to help their team make the necessary changes in an efficient manner.

For an inexperienced salesperson, closing a sale can be incredibly difficult. With an agency-wide strategy to provide guidance, this process becomes much simpler.

2) Consistent messaging. When salespeople create their own pitches and messages, they are creating their own representation of the company’s brand identity. This can confuse clients. Without a consistent message it can be easy to lose sight of the company’s identity.

A uniform strategy creates a consistent brand message. Also, salespeople will feel more confident with a clear map to their goal.   

3) Easier hiring and attracting talent. The opportunity to work for a company that boasts a streamlined and efficient sales strategy is an incredibly attractive proposition. An agency-wide approach is appealing to new talent because it provides them with a straightforward guide to meeting and closing with clients.

Also, young salespeople will be able to experience growth as they become more comfortable with client interactions in an environment that promotes their path to success.

When building out an agency-wide sales approach, it’s important to consider all the relevant factors, including the identity of the business, customer profiles and the market itself. Employing this strategy allows your agency to present clients with a consistent, confident and top-quality team ready to work for success.

Susan Toussaint is cofounder and partner at Oceanus Partners, a ReSource Pro company. Oceanus Partners is a firm dedicated to helping insurance professionals working in all lines of business insurance improve sales and client retention.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020
Sales & Marketing