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Cars From the ‘90s Are Classics? Yes Way!

The 1990s were more than "just about 10 years ago."
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Ah, the 1990s—the era when slap bracelets were the height of fashion, smoking was first banned on domestic air travel, and dial-up internet made us appreciate the value of patience. It was a time of Y2K fears, Spice Girls mania, and a whole lot of cool cars, trucks and SUVs.

In the tradition of cars becoming classics at the age of 25 years, 2024 marks the momentous occasion where the 1990s officially achieve classic status. It can sometimes feel like the 1990s were "just about 10 years ago." Well, believe it or not, we've made 25 trips around the sun since the last year of the 20th century. It's time we start protecting vehicles from that era the way they deserve: with a collector car policy through Hagerty designed for enthusiasts and the totally radical cars they love.

The vehicles of that era—alongside countless songs, movies, and moments—are now considered classics. Many people hanging on to these vehicles, especially those not used as a daily driver, are collecting, driving and caring for them as enthusiasts. We're here to help you recognize, appreciate and properly protect your clients' and prospects' special 1990s vehicles with specialty coverage.

Pro tip: If a client has more than four vehicles in the household, has more cars than licensed drivers and stores their cars in a garage … it's probably worth checking about collector status.

The '90s, and the special vehicles from that era, deserve to be honored and protected as part of our cultural heritage. With each passing year, the '90s fade further into the distance, but the allure of those modern classics remains evergreen.

Make sure that the clients holding on to these cars—especially those reserved for weekend joyrides rather than daily commutes—are getting the coverage they deserve. Tailored for enthusiasts and the totally rad cars they love, a collector car policy through Hagerty is designed to recognize, appreciate and properly protect these special vehicles.

Providing Solutions That Help Agents Grow and Retain

As we navigate the challenges of the current hard market, Hagerty stands as a dedicated partner for independent agents. As you and your customers look for new solutions, Hagerty can help you with our expanding appetite, new business acceptance in all 50 states, and premiums 21% lower on average than daily driver insurance—based on 2022 consumer data for single car quotes, with premiums $5000 and under, from several daily driver auto insurance carriers. From the practicality of unbundling coverage to the reliability of specialty protection, Hagerty offers a unique blend of comprehensive solutions and cost-effective options.

By offsetting rising costs with specialty asset coverage, such as collector car protection of 1990s vehicles, savvy agents position themselves as a strategic partner capable of aligning with the evolving needs of their clients. As we face the continued uncertainties of the market, independent agents can rely on Hagerty's commitment to collaboration, innovation and added value beyond insurance to ensure that together, we not only navigate the challenges but emerge stronger in the process.

Let's drive together.

John Gessner, director of marketing strategy, Hagerty.

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Monday, June 10, 2024
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