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AN Radio: Kindness Is Contagious

Brian Bradley, founder and co-owner of Covenant Insurance Services in Lincoln, Nebraska, explains how a career in insurance has provided him with the work-life balance that allows him to be both a father and give back to his community.
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an radio: kindness is contagious

On this episode of Agency Nation Radio, Brian Bradley, founder and co-owner of Covenant Insurance Services in Lincoln, Nebraska, explains how a career in insurance has provided him with the work-life balance that allows him to be both a father and give back to his community.

Bradley loved giving back to the community, working with people and making a difference while working for a nonprofit, “but if you can't take care of yourself, obviously something had to break," Bradley says.

In 2009, Bradley made the decision to leave the nonprofit world and began working for a captive insurer. Seven years later, he founded Covenant Insurance Services with Stan Gatchenko, his co-worker and “work wife." 

"We provide a more advisory service to our clients. We’re more solutions-based and less like the old adage, 'When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail,'” he says. "We’re not just running around hitting things, hoping it fits. It’s more about talking your clients through the pros and cons and advising them on what questions they should ask."

Today, along with his duties as an independent agent, Bradley remains very active in his church, his community and particularly in the foster care and adoption community. He and his wife are currently the proud parents of eight children.

Bradley was also featured in the September issue of Independent Agent. Check out his interview here or read the full issue online
Thursday, October 13, 2022
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