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AN Radio: If You’re Going to Niche, Niche

Tune in to hear agents’ unique stories on how personal passion and industry knowledge play critical roles in defining a successful niche, as well as practical tips to navigate and succeed in niche markets.
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an radio: if you’re going to niche, niche

Sometimes an insurance niche finds you. Other times, you pave your way based on your passion. On this episode of Agency Nation Radio, host Toni Jones, senior vice president of transportation marketing at Palomar Insurance Corporation in Troy, Alabama, talks with three independent agents about curating a niche.

Ryan Teubner, producer with Rich & Cartmill in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Crystal Fox, founder and creator of Beauty Queen Insurance in Rochester, Indiana; and Lydia Ramos, account manager and regional brand coordinator at McGriff in Denver, highlight how personal passion and industry knowledge play a critical role in defining a successful niche.

“If you're going to niche, niche," Teubner says. “Whether it's personal lines, whether it's construction, whether it's transportation, whether it's beauty, whatever that niche is, immerse yourself in that industry. Understand the forms, endorsements, what you're insuring—but niche. Don't kind of niche."

This episode is a must-listen for anyone curious about the interplay of personal interests and professional opportunities in insurance. Tune in to hear more about these agents' unique stories and practical tips for navigating and succeeding in niche markets.

Agency Nation Radio is where insurance professionals turn on the mic and share unscripted stories about leadership, technology, marketing, success, and failure—stories that helped make them the professionals they are today. From Main Street USA to the pages of Independent Agent magazine—we've got the stories you want to hear.
Thursday, April 25, 2024
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