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Travelers Expands Telematics Offerings with IntelliDrivePlus™

IntelliDrivePlus builds on the coverage provided by IntelliDrive® offering customers more options to personalize their insurance.
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PRODUCT: IntelliDrivePlus™

COMPANIES: Travelers and Cambridge Mobile Telematics


AVAILABILITY: Licensed and appointed agents in Nebraska, Ohio and Arkansas.

FOCUS: A recent Travelers survey found that 9 out of 10 drivers would be more interested in car insurance that's priced based on how much and how they drive. IntelliDrivePlus™ responds by adjusting insurance pricing at every renewal based on the most recent driving performance of all drivers, as well as the annualized mileage for all drivers based on the miles driven in the prior assessment period.

COVERAGE DETAILS: IntelliDrive® launched in 2017 and is available in 40 states. It calculates a premium based on driving behaviors, excluding mileage, which are tracked over a 90-day period. In comparison, IntelliDrivePlus calculates a premium by assessing changes in driving behavior and mileage, which are captured over the life of the policy.

“Our original telematics program, IntelliDrive, grew by 50% during the last year, making it clear that consumers are increasingly comfortable with pricing that reflects their driving behaviors," said Michael Klein, executive vice president and president of personal insurance at Travelers. “IntelliDrivePlus builds on that momentum and offers our customers even more options to personalize their insurance."

Each driver's data is captured by an easy-to-install smartphone app; the app also provides drivers with a summary of their mileage and driving performance and includes personalized tips on how to improve their driving and maximize their savings. 

UNDERWRITING: There are no underwriting requirements applicable to the selection of IntelliDrivePlus. The only eligibility requirements are that all eligible drivers need to enroll in the program via smartphone.

TARGET: Safe drivers, drivers who are interested in improving their driving behaviors over time, low mileage drivers and drivers who are interested in paying insurance premiums based on how much and how they drive.

COVERAGE AVAILABILITY: Currently available in Nebraska, Ohio and Arkansas. 

CONTACT: Sperry Mylott, senior director, corporate communications, Travelers.

Will Jones is IA editor-in-chief.