K&K Launches Short-Term Special Events Program

PRODUCT: Short-term special events coverage

COMPANY: Nationwide Mutual (admitted)


AVAILABILITY: Special events programs are accessible through managing general underwriter K&K Insurance. For further product information, contact Nick Pentsos, K&K senior sales representative, at 800-426-2889, ext. 5177.

FOCUS: K&K is off and running with another new program, designed for organizers of walk/run events. The new offering o has lower rates than those of the company’s standard sports tournaments and events program, according to K&K’s Lorena Hatfield. The company’s newest undertaking is among the MGU’s more than 50 sports, leisure and entertainment programs.

UNDERWRITING: K&K’s newest liability product affords liability protection for the organization, including employees, volunteers and coverage for claims stemming from the insured’s operations, such as slip-and-fall incidents for spectators. The program covers participants with medical payments as much as $25,000 with $100 deductibles. Primary coverage presents limits ranging from $1 million per occurrence and $5 million aggregate to $5 million/$5 million with no deductible. The program offers various other coverages at additional cost, including sexual abuse and molestation and ancillary event coverage. To qualify, events must include no more than 10,000 participants and can last no longer than three days and/or 16 miles.

MINIMUM PREMIUM: $150 for non-competitive events and $300 for competitive races.

TARGET: Walking and/or running events, including children’s walk/runs, 5- to 10-kilometer walks or runs, timed/competitive walks or runs, non-competitive charity walks/runs, fundraising walks/runs and walkathons.


CONTACT: Mass Merchandising Division, K&K Insurance, 1712 Magnavox Way, Fort Wayne, IN 46804; 800-426-2889, ext. 5177; fax 260-459-5105.

Ron Lent is an IA contributor.