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Protect Cargo on Land and at Sea

Marine cargo and inland marine coverage provide extra peace of mind and protection when shipping goods.
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protect cargo on land and at sea

If your client already has marine cargo coverage, then they are well on their way to having a well-rounded insurance policy. 

After all, marine cargo insurance covers goods while in transit along waterways. But what about when property or assets are in transit on land, like on a truck on a highway or a train on a railway? Or what about when they're at a job site or an off-site storage location? 

If your client's current policy doesn't cover these areas, then this is where inland marine insurance can make all the difference.

Inland marine insurance covers property and assets while they're traveling on land or stored in an off-site location. For example, maybe your client's business stores excess equipment in an off-site location or moves products around from one warehouse to the next. 

Inland marine insurance fills in holes left behind by marine cargo insurance, extending coverage to include goods during land transit and ensuring they're always protected against loss. 

Inland marine insurance is also renowned for protecting high-value property and goods, from fine art and TV towers to contractors' equipment and medical supplies, against unique and complex risks.

Therefore, when you combine your client's marine cargo coverage with an inland marine policy, you're helping to cover all bases. 

The Full Package

Falvey Insurance Group coverage can assist with the logistics during every stage of a shipment's journey, from assembling and processing to storing and transporting. And with the addition of our inland marine insurance policy, we offer the following coverage in these areas:


  • Contractors' equipment
  • Builders' risk
  • Rigging 
  • Installation


  • Warehouse legal
  • Cash in transit
  • Tank storage 
  • Transit and storage


  • Scheduled article floaters
  • Farm equipment
  • Computer equipment
  • Medical equipment
  • Scientific equipment
  • Telecommunications
  • Theatrical infrastructure 
  • Oil and gas equipment

The Perfect Combination

While your clients' businesses will certainly benefit from having a marine cargo insurance policy, adding inland marine insurance completes the package, as it gives the extra peace of mind and protection when shipping goods. 

Contact Falvey today to learn more about our newest lines of coverage. 
Protect Cargo on Land and at Sea

Monday, May 8, 2023
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