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Brownyard Offers Cemetery, Crematory Coverage

Coverage was designed to meet the unique risks of cemeteries, cemetery management, crematories and mausoleums.
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PRODUCT: MemorialPro Cemetery & Crematory Program

COMPANIES: Brownyard Group


AVAILABILITY: Available on an open-brokerage basis outside of New York.

FOCUS: Brownyard's MemorialPro® is a specialty insurance solution for cemeteries and crematories. Written exclusively through agents and brokers, the program was designed to meet the unique risks of cemeteries, cemetery management, crematories and mausoleums.

During the design of MemorialPro, Brownyard partnered with a leading insurance broker with over 35 years of experience in the cemetery industry. Utilizing this expertise and in-depth knowledge of the industry, the program has been specialized to accommodate the specific challenges it faces.

“We crafted the program using cemetery data going back 35 years from our broker's portfolios," says Domenic Antinucci III, program manager, Brownyard. “Our rates and forms are crafted with only this specialty in mind."

COVERAGE DETAILS: Brownyard has constructed coverage for this program specifically through three enhancement endorsements to property, general liability and auto ISO forms plus a professional form. “These endorsements broaden typically bare or outdated ISO coverage," Antinucci says. “They were crafted to be in line with legitimate market coverages and are boosted where cemeteries would benefit most."

Some unique aspects to MemorialPro include:

  • Professional form. Standard ISO general liability coverage does not include “mental anguish" in part of their “bodily injury" definition. Because mental anguish is such a prominent issue within this industry, the policy has been endorsed.
  • Property special form. This form includes “All-Risk" coverage, unless there are specific exclusions listed within the policy.
  • Package policy. Coverages include property, inland marine, general liability, professional liability, employee benefits liability, commercial auto, cyber and first-party crime coverage.
  • Tree removal. Coverage includes $1,000 per tree debris removal, which is unique. Providing such robust coverage is a great help to cemeteries when a windstorm affects their trees.

Coverage is available up to $3-million aggregate general liability limits and up to $10-million excess limits. All total insurable value property limits are accepted.

UNDERWRITING: Brownyard accepts all forms of applications, including ACORD form, Excel schedules and competitor applications. Agents and brokers can request a two-page supplemental application.


TARGET: Cemeteries, crematories and mausoleums that may have funeral operations as well. Cemeteries with more than 20 acres of land or crematories with more than $500,000 in sales annually would benefit from this product.

COVERAGE AVAILABILITY: Currently available in CA, CT, MA, ME, NH, NY, NJ, PA, RI, TX and VA.

CONTACT: Domenic Antinucci III, program manager, Brownyard; 631-666-5050 x106.

Will Jones is IA editor-in-chief.

Monday, April 25, 2022
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