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Declaration of Independents: Gabriela Dominguez

Gabriela Dominguez, principal of Avante Insurance in Miami, is giving the Latino community a voice in the insurance industry. "I’ve enjoyed making a difference in bringing the concerns of our community higher up," she says.
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DOI (1).jpgGabriela Dominguez 

Agency Principal 
Avante Insurance Agency Inc.
Miami, Florida

With a family history in the insurance industry dating back over 40 years, the independent agency space is ingrained in Dominguez’s daily life. She became involved in the family business in 1986 with the sole intent of automating the agency but became hooked when she saw her mother’s dedication to the industry and the individuals she helped.

“My mother had an incredible passion for insurance,” Dominguez says. “She was very active legislatively, in society, and with the issues of consumer needs and insurance affordability.”

Advice for new agents?

Knowledge is key. You must be educated in the industry that you sell in to represent the consumer correctly. I tell that to everybody who wants to get involved in the industry. I started my journey in 1990 attaining the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) certification, which I am very proud of accomplishing. I think my success has been partly because of this.

What drives you?

What I love to do is sell insurance. That is my passion—to sell, inform, educate, provide knowledge, and make sure the person buying the product, whether it’s a person buying homeowners insurance or a business owner looking for workers compensation, is getting what they need.

Serving the Latino community?

The Latino community is a huge group of individuals who needs a voice. A lot of us don’t speak English and come from countries where insurance is not run the way it’s run in the U.S. Our needs in Miami are completely different than the northern part of the state, and I’ve enjoyed making a difference in bringing the concerns of our community higher up.

Experiences as LAAIA president and sitting on the CPCU board?

I was president of the Latin American Association of Insurance Agencies in 2007 and served as president of the South Florida CPCU Chapter in 2003 and as CPCU Chapter governor for the south east region in 2011-2015.

Olivia Overman is IA content editor.

Tuesday, March 23, 2021
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