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Positivity Key to Earning Clients' Attention and Trust in Post-Coronavirus World

How one independent agent is maintaining focus on providing positivity to others, offering pertinent information and connecting virtually as much as possible
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positivity key to earning clients' attention and trust in post-coronavirus world

It has taken a lot to overcome the roadblocks created by the coronavirus pandemic. Whether it has been the economic impact or the abrupt stop to in-person meetings and new business, we've had to develop new processes and tactics—and do it fast.

Through the pandemic, my mindset and priorities have remained the same: taking care of my customers and community. To do that, I've maintained a focus on providing positivity to others, offering pertinent information and connecting virtually as much as possible.

While the transition to exclusively virtual communication was rapid, it has been more and more prevalent in the workplace in the last 20 years. As a millennial, I have communicated via computer and cell phone most of my life. I have seen the increased virtual productivity over the years, and I think we all knew that it was going to be our future—the pandemic just put the process into overdrive.

Taking the right approach and finding the right marketing message has been somewhat challenging, especially with the future's uncertainties. But whatever the future holds, I know that I must continue to act with integrity, create trust and continue to evolve.

Since I am dealing with others' hard-earned property and livelihoods, professionalism is a must. Listening to clients is key because they're going to tell you what they need from you. Making phone calls and sending text messages to ask about their experiences and how I can better serve them as we all fight through our current situation goes a long way. As an agent, I'm not looking for a transaction. Rather, I'm creating a meaningful relationship that occurs outside the sale or the policy.

Creating a three- and six-month marketing plan that laid out my strategic approach to reach new customers has been very successful. A big part of my plan is delivering compelling and relevant information. People are looking for support and I've found that uplifting and motivating content, especially on social media, has resonated very well. For example, sharing both physical and mental health tips provides a sense of hope as we look into the future.

I'm finding that helping others selflessly has also been instrumental. Throughout the community, people need support. For example, I joined Team Rubicon, a disaster relief organization, at the beginning of the pandemic and have been involved in food distribution events.

I know that everyone is in the same boat trying to find the best and most effective way of attracting new business. Don't get lost in all of the noise. Find a way to stand out in a way that brings hope and clarity in despairing and confusing times.

Owen Thomas is senior account executive at Dial Insurance Agency in Pembroke, North Carolina.

Monday, January 4, 2021
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