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September 2018

Volume 115, No. 9

September 2018

Benefits with Heart: How to Succeed in a Complex Market

The employee benefits landscape is barely recognizable from what it looked like 10 years ago. The downside: Most employers are confused and fearful. The upside: You can show them the way.

Are Personal Pensions the Antidote for Diversifying Your Book?

What do the “greying” of America and autonomous vehicles have in common? Together, they are conspiring to kill your personal lines book.

Insuring Against Large Losses: How Big is Your Client’s Umbrella?

Significant errors & omissions claims have resulted from the marketing and procurement of personal umbrella policies—or lack thereof. Here are a few landmines to watch out for.

Why Employee Benefits Requires a Laser-Like Focus

Most agencies discover that it's difficult to offer both property-casualty and life-health insurance unless they employ staff that are 100% dedicated to their respective lines.

Commander in Chief: 6 Traits of a Successful Leader

Performance is easy to measure in certain types of jobs. Not so in management.

How to Deal with Unmotivated Employees

If you’re frustrated with lazy employees, ask yourself: Who is actually being lazy?

Grow Your Business by Asking Customers One Question

What is the likelihood that someone would recommend your agency to a friend or colleague?

Agency Profile: Next Gen

On a Friday afternoon in Ohio, a group of 11 fifth-generation employees of Stolly Insurance—dubbed “G5”—meets to brainstorm on challenges, oppor­tu­nities and the future of their agency.

Declaration of Independents: Leandra Heil

After 10 years in the retail industry, Leandra Heil was ready for a career change—but wasn’t willing to relocate from her beloved hometown. A friend pointed her in the direction of a local agency, and nearly six years later, she has no intentions of leaving anytime soon.