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June 2019

Volume 116, No. 6

June 2019

Meet in the Middle: The Life Insurance Cross-Sell

Accenture estimates the life insurance gap at approximately $12 trillion for U.S. middle-market customers, with $12 billion in revenue to be gained by simply serving them. Yet independent agents often overlook the middle market because high acquisition costs can erase profit margins.

Division Problems: Condo Association vs. Unit Owners

Between a condominium association and the condo unit owners, who is responsible for which property? In other words, who owns what?

The Importance of Preparation: A Cautionary E&O Tale

Roman philosopher Seneca once said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” This notion can do wonders for your agency.

How to Stop Cold Calling and Sell Even More

How can you help your clients and prospects see the wisdom of your advice without coming across as sales-y?

Why Over-Productive People Need More Fun

The brain is wired to think more innovatively about the problems it isn’t solving in the moment—which means scheduling “playtime” is important.

Built to Last: 3 Suggestions for Selling a Service

Here are three deliberate steps you can take to make your work feel more tangible to your prospects.

No App? No Problem

Apps are one way to offer customers a mobile experience, but they’re not the only option.

Agency Profile: Young and Hungry

Three high-performing, young producers thought they had a pretty good gig at a venture capital-backed online broker—until the company decided to move. They could go with the firm to Austin, Texas and keep their jobs, but if they wanted to stay in Massachusetts, they needed a Plan B.

Declaration of Independents: Rachael Rizzi

When Rachael Rizzi, 39, first started her insurance career, she was not only one of the only woman producers—she was also “pretty young.” But after over a decade in the business, Rizzi went on to start her own agency in 2014.