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July 2019

Volume 116, No. 7

July 2019

Meet 10 Millennials Transforming Insurance

10 independent agents in their 20s and 30s share their experience and insights—and how they plan to help perpetuate the insurance industry.

More Talk, More Action: For Millennial Managers, Feedback is King

As Generation Z takes over as the youngest generation in the workforce, millennials are stepping into management and leadership roles in the insurance industry—and focusing on feedback first.

10 E&O Loss Control Tips for New Insurance Agents

Here are 10 suggestions for new agents that can help reduce your errors & omissions exposure.

Class Distinction: How E-Bikes Create a Personal Liability Blind Spot

As e-bike sales accelerate, the trend is creating issues in the bicycle insurance space.

No Callbacks? How to Break Open the Voicemail Clamshell

Treat voicemail well and it can be a highly effective selling tool that helps you make a positive first impression on prospects. Treat it poorly and it will be a clamshell that snaps shut on you.

3 Components of Building a Great Team

If you’re about to embark on putting a team together, here are three basics to keep in mind that will help ensure productivity and effectiveness.

Declaration of Independents: Holly Kabboord-Hemelgarn

When third-generation agent Holly Kabboord-Hemelgarn was asked to be part of the Florida Association of Insurance Agents’ Florida Future Insurance Leaders program, it gave her the confidence to “branch out from my dad’s shadow into being my own person,” she says. “Now, I know more people when I go to conferences than he does.”