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January 2019

Volume 116, No. 1

January 2019

Wish List 2020: What's Next for the Insurance Industry?

What emerging trends do carriers need to address in the next two years?

Forecast 2020: Which Threats Matter?

Personal lines directs, small commercial InsurTechs—what will be the impact of various emerging purchase channels over the next two years?

Going Up: 5 Simple Ways to Grow Your Agency's Sales

It’s the time of year when resolutions abound. Some are realistic, others not so much. But with these five steps to improve your agency’s sales, the Big “I” has your back.

Fore: Avoiding Bogeys on Golf Course Coverage

For an agency looking to procure coverage for a golf course, there are several warning signs and red flags to look “fore” prior to placing these risks.

Why Your Job Posting Isn't Getting Results

Either your job title is too generic, or your job description reads like an invoice instead of an explanation of why people like working for your agency.

Trial and Error: There's No Silver Bullet for Marketing

In marketing, there are no rules. There is nothing that works for every situation or business. With that in mind, here are a few recommendations on how to find an approach that works for you.

When Will the Internet of Things Penetrate Personal Lines?

Nearly a quarter of independent agencies would like carriers to address smart homes in the next two years. But risk management offerings like leak sensors and insurance solutions for internet-enabled home devices still have a long way to go.

Agency Profile: Better, Not Just Bigger

Growing from approximately 30 people to 315 in three decades is impressive—but doing it all without a single merger or acquisition is almost unheard of. Relying on purely organic growth is something Scott Insurance employees feel has been instrumental in maintaining the agency’s ESOP-based culture.

Declaration of Independents: Tracy Lange

Before transitioning to a career as a trucking and transportation insurance specialist, Tracy Lange spent nearly three decades in the health care field. “You think everything’s going to translate from helping people who can’t breathe,” he says. “But it turns out insurance is not quite so straightforward.”