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February 2018

Volume 115, No. 2

February 2018

Depth Perception: The Advantages of Commercial Lines Specialization

More agencies are looking to specialization as a strategy for commercial lines success.

Corrections Center: 2018 P-C Market Forecast

Your commercial lines clients need to brace for a market correction in 2018.

Which Commercial Clients Need Pollution Coverage?

It’s the oil refineries and gas stations, the truckers who haul hazardous loads and the manufacturing plants, right? True, but other, less conspicuous commercial clients need pollution coverage, too.

Look Smarter: Where to Find a Commercial Niche

About half of agencies currently specialize in a market like construction and contractors, restaurants or ag. Here are three ways to start developing your niche.

To Improve Sales Outcomes, Try Lateral Thinking

Lateral thinking involves viewing a problem in a new and unusual light by rearranging information or responses—and it can help your sales conversations reach a level of critical thought.

Agency Profile: Welcome to the Family

“Relentless and loyal” is how Jason Rollo and wife, B.J., describe Rollo Insurance Group, which Jason founded as a startup for a small bank holding company.

Declaration of Independents: Jacob Eisenrich, M.D.

After watching his grandfather make an impact on his community as a rural doctor, Jacob Eisenrich knew he wanted to pursue medicine as a career. But midway through his medical residency, he did a professional about-face and joined his family’s independent insurance agency instead.