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April 2018

Volume 115, No. 4

April 2018

The X Factor: How Gen X Agents Are Leading the Way

As boomers retire and millennials join the agency ranks, Generation X is taking the reins of the insurance industry—and offering the best of both worlds.

Feedback Loop: Do You Know What Your Clients Want?

The actions of your customers throughout the buying process should spark your agency into action.

Point/Counterpoint: Should Your Staff Be Multilingual?

Two agency staffers debate the issue.

The Value of Consistency: Establishing Standard Operating Procedures

Giving your employees clear direction on what actions they should take or not take in certain situations is essential. But establishing standard operating procedures at your agency is not enough—you must also properly train every staff member on them.

How to Sell to the Most Underinsured Generation

Of any generation, millennials are the least likely to be engaged and the most likely to be actively disengaged with insurance companies.

Hands Off: How to Delegate Effectively

In order to scale any business, leaders must be able to let go of a lot of the day-to-day details. If you can’t delegate, you may not reach your full potential.

Make Your Employees Love Where They Work

Are your staff members dragging their feet into the office every day? Maybe they all hate their jobs. Or maybe, they’re just not having enough fun at the office.

Agency Profile: Culture First

A passion for excellence, integrity, resourcefulness and commitment to the community are the core values that have been driving Oswald for 125 years.

Declaration of Independents: Felice Souliotis

JMD Associates was born out of Hurricane Wilma, says Felice Souliotis, a former educator who joined her husband's insurance agency in 2010.