Agency Profile: The Insurance Center

Ogden, Utah
Founded: 1995
Employees: 21

With five rural offices in Utah and one in Las Vegas, The Insurance Center team studies emerging national industries and works to establish comprehensive, tailored programs for them—including safety training videos produced in-house. “It’s good to have niche markets and focus industries, but we also work to be balanced and diversified,” say owners Shawn Iverson and Corey Jones.

The firm earned the Big “I” Best Practices designation for the first time in 2019. Five producers who work as 1099 contractors helped the firm grow by 8% to $2.5 million in gross revenue last year, and equal growth is predicted for 2020. Around 3,000 personal lines customers compose 23% of the business mix; 1,500 commercial lines customers make up 65%; and health and life clients represent 12%.

Scott Millward, team member who leads commercial lines

Our two most successful niches chose us—trampoline parks and personal emergency response system (PERS) and alarm dealers and manufacturers. In 2010, a client opened the 10th U.S. trampoline park. This led us to learn a new industry and to help create a stabilized insurance market. We helped to introduce new carriers and find underwriters willing to give competitive premiums.

In 2012, we became founding members of the International Association of Trampoline Parks and have attended every convention. We insure trampoline parks nationwide and provide all the coverages they need.

Shawn Iverson, team member and co-owner

Most of our business comes from referrals from centers of influence. We don’t talk much insurance with prospects. We talk the language of their business. We find their pain points and how we can help. When they know we understand and care about them, they trust us with handling their insurance. 

We are a team with a family culture. We’re not big on titles. Everyone is a licensed producer who can quote, bind and service our clients. Team members may focus on commercial, personal or life and health, but everyone cross trains and understands others’ roles. It’s not standard but it works for us.

Evelia Hash, team member who manages Midway office and Spanish-speaking clients

I work with the Hispanic community for personal and commercial lines. It has been rewarding to see the effect our office has had in their lives. Most of us, when we come to the U.S., have never purchased automobile insurance—or any insurance, for that matter. It is satisfying to educate clients in our native language. They appreciate it.

I have been told that “we listen like a counselor.” We look for what benefits them, not us. I believe they know this—that’s how we retain them. Most referrals come from our insureds’ family and friends. We are family!