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Top 10 Online Articles on Independent Agent in 2021

Throughout 2021, the Big “I" and Independent Agent magazine have been hard at work answering your questions and helping you be there for your clients. 
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top 10 online articles on independent agent in 2021

The gradual, post(ish)-COVID-19 return to the office, soaring construction costs, a scary cyber landscape, and a very creative lawsuit are just some of the highlights of the eventful 2021. 

Throughout the year, the Big “I" and Independent Agent magazine have been hard at work answering your questions as the coronavirus pandemic continues to shape the industry, examining emerging marketing trends, and helping you be there for your clients with the latest insights and analysis.

Here's a last look back at the 10 most-read articles on in 2021: 

10. Is Skunk Spray Damage Covered Under a Homeowners Policy?

By Big “I" Virtual University Faculty

A skunk entered the basement of a house through a cat door and sprayed the area. Is animal spray excluded from homeowners coverage under the pollution exclusion?

9. AM Best Ratings: P-C Insurer Upgrades, Downgrades Increase

By Olivia Overman

AM Best rating actions for p-c carriers increased in the first half of 2021 with 10 upgrades and nine downgrades in the commercial lines segment and 16 upgrades and six downgrades in the personal lines segment.

8. Through the Roof: How Agents Can Respond to Rising Construction Costs

By Stuart Powell

Significant increases in the cost of construction materials could affect a large property loss by exhausting the amounts of coverage. Here's what agents can do about it.

7. 3 Reasons Homeowners Need More Coverage

By Olivia Overman

COVID-19 has affected the homeowners insurance market in numerous ways. Here are three reasons homeowners need more coverage than prior to the coronavirus pandemic.

6. Does Woman Who Sued Geico After Contracting STD Have a Case?

By Tim Dodge

A look at the policy form that Geico may have sold to the insured reveals that a key phrase is missing.

5. 5 Ways Agents Can Compete Against Direct Carriers

By Daniel Halsey

Direct carriers are a strong competitive force, slashing prices and selling customers on price alone. Here are five ways independent agents can step up to the challenge and grow their agencies.

4. Returning to the Office: Rising Retaliation Claims Expose Employers

By Olivia Overman

As more offices reopen and employees return to work, employers are expecting to see an increase in discrimination and retaliation claims and whistleblowers reporting unsafe workplace conditions.

3. Liberty Mutual Insurance Launches Comparion Insurance Agency

By Will Jones

Liberty Mutual Insurance is launching a digital agency called Comparion, which will offer auto, home and small commercial insurance options from Liberty Mutual and more than 50 other national and regional carriers.

2. States Curb Dog Breed Exclusions in Homeowners Insurance

By AnneMarie McPherson

Since June, three states have placed restrictions on carriers' ability to limit or deny homeowners insurance coverage based on ownership of specific dog breeds.

1. Geico Sued by Woman Who Contracted STD in Car Insured by Carrier

By Chris Boggs

The case is raising concern within the insurance industry as doubts remain as to whether there could be coverage under the personal auto policy.

Compiled by AnneMarie McPherson, IA news editor.

This list of the 10 most-read articles from 2021 excludes legislative updates from the Big “I" government affairs team. For the latest updates from Capitol Hill, keep an eye on your inbox for our News & Views e-newsletter every Thursday or go to the News section of

Thursday, January 6, 2022
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