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Listen Up: Meet Young Agent Ashton Fee

"Automation and generational changes in the way that people do business is a challenge," says young agent Ashton Fee, describing "the 'click a button and get a quote' mentality."
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Listen Up: Meet Young Agent Ashton FeeAshton Fee

Commercial Lines Team Leader

Fee Insurance Group

Hutchinson, Kansas

Age: 27

Go-to drink order: Cold brew coffee

Desired superpower: Teleportation

Favorite candy: Reese's

How did you get started in insurance?

I was introduced to the industry by my uncles, Bob and Allen, who are our agency principals, about four years ago. I had recently graduated from the University of Kansas and was back home in Hutchinson working. It wasn't until I came to Fee and started learning that I could tell the industry was a good fit for me.

Biggest industry challenges?

Automation and generational changes in the way that people do business is a challenge. The “click a button and get a quote" mentality. It just means we have to continue bringing value by providing expertise and service and building strong relationships.

What do you love about insurance?

There's so much to learn. It's like a big puzzle to think of someone's business and what coverages are needed to address their specific set of risks. With account management, I love the balance of building relationships but also getting to work behind the scenes with numbers and quotes.

Goals for the future?

Keep learning, help develop our commercial lines team, and work toward implementing some new technologies we've been talking about. I would love to feel like an expert in the field after years and years of experience, but you never stop learning in this industry, so maybe that's impossible.

Pros and cons of multiple generations in the workplace?

The expertise of those with more experience is a huge pro that far outweighs any minor cons. I love having so many people with years of experience that I can go to and talk with.

AnneMarie McPherson Spears is IA news editor.  

Wednesday, June 28, 2023
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