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Most-Read Articles in Independent Agent in September165908From underwriting losses to how rising premiums are increasing the number of uninsured drivers on the road, September articles delved into the ramifications of the hard market. 10/4/2023 8:23:39 PMIt's fall, y'all, and while the leaves may be on their way down, underwriting losses, premiums, and capacity concerns sure aren't. September's articles explored the ramifications
AN Radio: A Conversation Among Friends with Big ‘I’ Chairman Mike McBride61332Three Michiganders explore the importance of actively engaging in a supportive business community.10/3/2023 2:52:30 PMOn this episode of Agency Nation Radio, Mike McBride, your new Big “I" chairman and president of Mason-McBride in Troy, Michigan; Will Lemanski, owner of Meiers Lombardini
8 Ways to Use QR Codes in Marketing and Customer Experience62181From generating a digital business card to providing automated directions to a location through Waze or Google Maps, QR codes can be used in so many ways, which means the opportunities for independent agents are growing. 10/3/2023 5:21:14 PMAs QR codes —short for “quick-response code"—become more common and familiar to the public, their function is only increasing If you are not using QR codes in your everyday
How Agents Can Benefit From a Rebounding Life Insurance Market53805For independent agents, selling life insurance has traditionally involved more effort than other lines of business, but today the life insurance market is ripe with opportunity.10/2/2023 4:31:22 PMTotal new annualized life premiums increased to $4.04 billion in the second quarter of 2023, 2% higher than in 2022, with the number of policies sold increasing by 4% over the
Zurich Launches Cyber for Middle Market53806The package provides a new combination of cyber insurance coverage and cyber risk resilience tools that are flexible and responsive to situational needs.”10/2/2023 4:31:38 PMPRODUCT Middle Market Package for Cyber COMPANIES Zurich North America BEST RATING A+ AVAILABILITY Appointed agents and brokers only In the first quarter of 2023, a survey
Cyberattacks Are a Top Business Concern as Ransomware and FTF Claims Increase53807Companies with over $100 million in revenue saw the largest increase (20%) in the number of claims, as well as more substantial losses from attacks, with a 72% increase in claims severity compared to the second half of 2022.10/2/2023 4:23:25 PMDriven by spikes in ransomware and funds transfer fraud (FTF), cyber claims increased 12% in the first half of 2023, according to Coalition's “ 2023 Cyber Claims Report Mid-Year
An Evolving Risk: Understanding Management Liability Insurance 53808Management liability will likely go through some shifts in the next few years as it adjusts to changes in social inflation and in court interpretations. 10/2/2023 4:32:07 PMWhen companies face existential crises at the C-suite level, they rely on management liability coverage to fund their response, defense costs and more If a board member is accused
Why All Agents Should be Writing BOPs53809Business lines producers are the experts on business owners policies—but that doesn’t mean personal lines producers can’t write them too. Here’s how to get started. 10/2/2023 4:47:29 PMIf you're an independent agent who focuses on personal lines, you have strong relationships with homeowners in your community Chances are, many of these homeowners also run small
3 Cost-Effective Ways for Small Businesses to Minimize Risk53810Get ahead of small business risks with proactivity.10/2/2023 4:31:07 PMSmall businesses face an influx of risks daily From the uncertainties of inflation, to changing weather patterns, to the ever-looming threat of cyberattacks and even employees
Aim Higher: 8 Ways Independent Agents Can Use AI to Increase Productivity and Profitability55933Agencies that incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into their tech strategy will have the edge. Here's how you can supercharge your agency with AI.10/4/2023 3:03:56 PMInde pendent agents, meet your new best friend artificial intelligence AI has existed since the 1950s and we've been talking for some time about how this technology has been