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AN Radio: Scott Insurance and 30 Years of Being a Best Practices Agency

Keith Mann, COO/CFO at Scott Insurance, talks about how the 100% employee-owned agency uses the Big "I" Best Practices Study to incrementally strengthen the business with the data and benchmarks.
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an radio: scott insurance and 30 years of being a best practices agency

Scott Insurance, a Virginia agency founded in 1864, has been a Big "I" Best Practices Agency since the program started 30 years ago.

On this episode of Agency Nation Radio, Keith Mann, COO/CFO at Scott Insurance, sits down with Will Jones, editor-in-chief, Independent Agent magazine, to talk about how the 100% employee-owned agency uses the Best Practices Study to incrementally strengthen the business with the right data and benchmarks. 

Together, they talk about the importance of understanding sales data, including sales velocity and organic growth, and how looking at weaknesses is an opportunity for growth. Additionally, Mann shares strategies the agency has implemented to help attract and retain producers who help grow the business but also become part of the agency's perpetuation story.

“Every year we take a look at ourselves and how we've done," he says. “The opportunity for us and other businesses is to take a look at whether you are performing at the highest level possible for your organization."

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Mann was also featured in the March issue of Independent Agent. Check out his interview here or read the full issue online
Thursday, March 9, 2023
Agency Operations & Best Practices