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How Workers Comp, Miscellaneous E&O Provide Simplicity for Small Business Owners

Multiple endorsements are available to agents who place an account with Markel Specialty, ensuring that no matter the scenario, Markel Specialty is here for your small business.
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With over 70 years of experience, Markel Specialty continues to be a nationwide leader in providing insurance for America’s small businesses. From small mom-and-pop shops to seasoned establishments, Markel Specialty understands the needs of your small business clients and offers a broad appetite and expertise that will satisfy your small business needs.

Markel Specialty is proud to write workers compensation and miscellaneous errors & omissions policies in 42 states. With access to experienced in-house claims and underwriting teams, Markel Specialty strives to quickly and accurately provide the most comprehensive coverages and services for your clients.

The workers comp claims handling team averages a 24-hour turnaround time from a reported claim to attempted contact with both the insured and injured worker. In addition, Markel Specialty provides tailored loss control services for small businesses to assist in risk reduction.

Markel Specialty is also proud to offer mPortal, designed to give agents and policyholders an easy and reliable way to access their policies online. The portal gives users the ability to access policy documents, easily set up payment plans, view billing details, and add other Markel policies for a single view of all Markel Specialty business. Agents can easily find their sales and underwriting contacts, as well as training videos and answers to FAQs. Alongside mPortal, agents can utilize other great resources through the Markel website.

Most important, when working with Markel Specialty, agents will experience the customer service levels and expertise they deserve. Thanks to quick turnaround times, experienced sales and underwriting teams, and a broad underwriting appetite, agents who place their workers comp and miscellaneous E&O policies with Markel Specialty will experience the zealous pursuit of excellence Markel is known for.

For more information, contact your sales manager, account executive or underwriter, or visit Markel online.

Markel Specialty is a business division of Markel Service Incorporated, offering services and products for Markel Corporation-affiliated insurance carriers.


Sunday, August 2, 2020
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