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Beazley Enhances MediaTech Policy

Beazley’s enhancements combine comprehensive errors & omissions and media liability insurance with cyber coverage, breach response and pre-breach services.
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PRODUCT: Beazley MediaTech

COMPANY: Beazley

BEST RATING: A (Excellent)

AVAILABILITY: Coverage is available through Beazley-appointed brokers.

FOCUS: In response to the evolving threat landscape in the rapidly growing technology market, Beazley recently updated its MediaTech insurance policy to protect media and technology businesses as they seek to stay on the cutting edge of technology innovation.

MediaTech responds to event claims surrounding errors & omissions and disputes involving media content. Now, Beazley has streamlined the policy to provide clear, concise wording and seamless protection, combining comprehensive E&O and media liability insurance along with cyber coverage, breach response and pre-breach services.

Over the years, “Beazley has helped insureds through thousands of E&O claims involving software failures, hardware defects, implementation errors and downtime, as well as intellectual property rights and personal injury disputes arising from media content,” says Bob Wice, cyber and tech U.S. Focus Group Leader, Beazley Group.

“Our policy is underpinned by a market-leading claims service provided by our cyber and tech claims team, which understands the liabilities technology companies face and will provide first-class support in the event of a loss,” Wice adds.

COVERAGE DETAILS: E&O coverage highlights include:

  • Coverage for a wide range of technology-based services and technology products
  • Broad professional liability to address the need to cover non-technology professional services
  • Unintentional breach of contract for professional liability exposure

Media liability coverage highlights include:

  • Online and offline media—including content published on social media—for companies involved in advertising their own products, as well as while performing services for others
  • A wide range of trade secret misappropriation claims
  • Unfair competition alleged with copyright or trademark infringement
  • Mental anguish and emotional distress
  • Defamation, invasion of privacy and plagiarism

Cyber coverage highlights include:

  • Breach response costs
  • First-party coverage for cyber extortion
  • Data recovery costs
  • Business interruption and dependent business interruption resulting from security breaches and system failures
  • E-crime coverage for fraudulent instruction fraud, funds transfer fraud and telephone fraud

To help policyholders reduce their cyber exposure and be prepared in the event they fall victim to a breach, Beazley also offers access to a full suite of pre-breach and risk management services through its in-house Beazley Breach Response Services team.

UNDERWRITING: Requirements include either a Beazley MediaTech application or a satisfactorily completed competitor application. Rating factors include revenues, industry classification and loss history.


TARGET: Technology and business services companies including software, hardware, telecom, internet, consulting and other professional services firms.


CONTACT: Bob Wice, cyber and tech U.S. Focus Group Leader, Beazley Group; 860-677-3700.

Jacquelyn Connelly is former IA senior editor.