7 Productivity Hacks that Make a Great Salesperson

Ever wonder how great salespeople outperform everyone else year in and year out? They aren’t any smarter, more talented, harder working or better looking than you—so what gives?

While you’re stuck in the same old rut, top salespeople are hacking their way to more sales. Here are seven hacks that make a great salesperson:

They live and die by a schedule. Great salespeople are hyper-organized with their time. Compartmentalize your calendar each day, week, month, quarter and even year, blocking out time for lead generation, prospective and buyer follow-up, meetings, personal training and development, email, client presentations, “you” time, family time, vacation time and more.

They set “whys,” not goals. We’re told having goals will make us more productive, but the problem with goals is that they often lack intrinsic motivation. If you set a goal, maintain a strong “why” behind it. Want more sales? Why? Want to make more money? Why? Want recognition as the top salesperson for your organization? Why?

When things get tough, bailing is easy if you don’t know your “why.” Knowing why keeps you steadily moving forward.

They control their atmosphere. Avoid reading negative news, maintain a stress-free work environment and steer clear of negative people who zap your energy. 

They begin their week at the end of their week. Great salespeople plan out their upcoming week on the last day of their current work week. If I’m a salesperson who is off on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, right before I leave on Monday, I take 30 minutes to organize my activities and calendar for the following week. This helps me leave the office relaxed and in control—and also enables me to hit the ground running when I return on Thursday.

They say no—a lot! Great salespeople understand that any time they say “yes” to something, they are saying “no” to something else. Where are you wasting time because you said “yes” to a non-sales generating activity, when “no” would have freed you up for more focused time with your prospects?

They’re resourceful. Stop saying “I’m overwhelmed.” There are a million and one apps for today’s savvy salesperson. Go invest $1.99 and take control of your sales.

They stick with what they’re good at. Being great at something requires time, effort and attention. Great salespeople stay in their lane, maximizing every opportunity to hone and improve their craft.

Amy O’Connor brings a decade of industry experience and knowledge to her impactful and enlightening seminars and offers a wealth of real-world expertise managing, coaching and motivating sales professionals.