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June 2020

Volume Vol 117, No. 6

June 2020

Business of Inclusion: 6 Ways to Sell, Market and Network Better

As demographics change, businesses that aren’t building bridges or making inroads with new and diverse communities risk being left behind.

Creating a Culture of Inclusion That Attracts and Retains Talent

While there’s a strong business case for a diverse workforce, employers must focus on creating an inclusive culture to make a long-term impact.

Closing Time: Will COVID-19 Kill the M&A Party?

The past decade has been the golden age of insurance agency mergers & acquisitions. But after COVID-19 emerged on the world stage with a vengeance in late January, activity has slowed.

Embrace for Impact: Consumers Expect Ethical Influence

From environmental impact to data transparency to how companies treat their employees during the coronavirus pandemic, customers care—and they expect insurance companies to care, too.

Why This Is No Time to Stop Selling

With the coronavirus pandemic leaving its mark, businesses should adapt—not stop.

Outdated Cash Management Practices Could Be Hurting Your Agency

Here are three ways to improve efficiency and employee productivity in your banking, cash-management and security practices.

4 Things to Keep in Mind for Proactive Communication Plans

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak, proactive communication as we know it has changed and has forced us to pivot our strategies to support policyholders in new ways.

Agency Profile: My Insurance LLC

Mary Sladek and her team build strong relationships with real estate brokerages, mortgage companies and banks and are able to work exclusively by referral. The team agrees that being an all-female agency has distinct advantages.

Declaration on Independents: David Poms

David Poms, president and CEO of Poms & Associates in Woodland Hills in California served on the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee board for eight years, in another chapter of a life dedicated to helping others.