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Going Places: Meet Young Agent Frank Mercurio

With multiple generations in the workplace, "collaborating has never been more important than in the times we're in," says Frank Mercurio, independent agent. "We need to learn better ways to provide good service to our customers."
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Frank MercuriGoing Places: Meet Young Agent Frank Mercurioo

Account Executive

Gompers, Cornish & Barr Insurance Professionals

Macomb, Michigan

Gamma Iota Sigma Alumnus

Age: 23

Currently streaming: Peaky Blinders

In your earbuds: Dr. Dre

Preferred social media: Facebook

Best thing about being an independent agent?

Serving the community. Independent agents are able to have flexible schedules, and that gives us the opportunity to be involved and give back to the community we serve. We can just use a couple hours of free time a week to volunteer. We recently organized a toiletry drive for homeless single mothers and children in our county, and we also adopted a family for Christmas. There are lots of opportunities to help out even in COVID-19. I'm also a volunteer wrestling coach at the local high school.

Industry mentors?

My two agency principals. I chose to work at this agency because my two principals are highly respected in the community. They lean on me to bring in new ideas and different ways we can better serve our customers, and we collaborate on the newest ways to help our community.

College insurance experience?

The college experience of networking in Gamma Iota Sigma was a huge benefit. And GIS creates a good culture as well. The organization gives the blueprint and foundation for students and staff to create a great culture within risk management programs.

Multiple generations in the workplace?

That collaboration, between what worked back in the day with the older generation and then what's working now—you need to take the best of both generations and apply it to your current practices. It can be hard if the older generation is stuck in old practices and the newer generation doesn't want to learn. But collaborating has never been more important than in the times we're in. We need to learn better ways to provide good service to our customers.

AnneMarie McPherson is IA news editor.

Friday, October 29, 2021
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