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Marketing Technology: Get More by Doing Less

Through industry consolidation and collaboration, it is becoming easier to stay on top of digital marketing trends.
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marketing technology: get more by doing less

When technology is discussed in insurance, it can often feel like a threat: “If you don't adopt this solution, you'll be left in the dust!" At the same time, the technology landscape is constantly changing. Even if you do buy the next big thing, there will be something else on the market in a few months that threatens your new-found technical prowess and processes must be rewritten and relearned.

It's easy to understand why agents might start to tune out technology news. Further, you probably already have what you need to create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. 

Also, through industry consolidation and collaboration, it is becoming easier to stay on top of digital marketing trends. Vendors are recognizing the value of integrating policyholder communication strategies with agency management systems (AMS) and encouraging agencies to manage their website, email and social strategies through a single partner by offering collaborative technologies to streamline that process.

For agencies, instead of a piecemeal approach to digital marketing technology, agents should take time to consider what systems they'll use, how they will integrate them and how the data will flow to make their policyholders feel valued. For example, website and marketing automation tools could be working together and leveraging AMS data that's already there. This will save both time and money in the long run.

Automation is a great way to leverage your website to catch coverage gaps, cross-sell and upsell to clients. For example, clients often make significant updates to their homes but forget to inform their insurance provider.

Are you using automated policy reminders to make renewals a breeze? Email reminders can be sent automatically to accounts that are renewing within 45 days. These automated emails can include links to your website so insureds can browse coverage options.

Another new tool that might already be in your toolbox is video proposals—some agents are known to have a 90% closure success rate with videos. In today's busy world, it can be very hard to get the attention of clients and prospects. Short videos posted to your website, sent via email, or shared on social media platforms offer an easy and convenient way to convey information about your agency.

Most people don't want to read a long block of text. Videos give you a way to explain coverages, pricing, and comparisons visually. Plus, video gives agents that personal connection without face-to-face interaction. 

These are just a few ways that agents can connect their digital marketing tools and the AMS they already have. If you're like most agents, you want to focus on running your agency, not technology.

As the industry evolves, mergers and acquisitions are making it easier than ever to do more by doing less. If you feel like you're “in it alone" or bogged down with multiple vendors to create the experience you want, taking a step back to look at your options will result in doing less work to win more business.

Joel Zwicker is insurance evangelist at Agency Revolution.

Friday, October 21, 2022
Sales & Marketing