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5 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Skills

Learn to connect more effectively with clients and develop customer relationships, regardless of geographic proximity.
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5 ways to improve your social media skills

Social media has evolved into an essential strategic communication tool for individuals and businesses alike. For insurance agents, social media provides an opportunity to directly connect with clients and develop customer relationships, regardless of geographic proximity.

To develop meaningful connections for your business via social platforms, follow these five steps to create a social media strategy:

1) Select the appropriate social media channel for your audience. Facebook, in general, is known to reach users between 35-65 years old. For many, it is likely that a significant portion of your customer base is already using this platform and is an appropriate starting point for your social media efforts.

Twitter, on the other hand, can reach a significant millennial audience by sharing quick updates in a concise manner—an excellent option for agents who would like to post shorter, more frequent updates.

LinkedIn enables agents to establish a professional brand and provide industry insights to decision-makers, prospective customers and peers.

2) Build a social media following. There is no fast track to success on social media. It takes time to build a strong base of dedicated followers. Motivate your customers to follow you on social media by:

  • Sending emails with embedded links to encourage customers and prospects to follow your social media page, as well as to share content via your social channels. 
  • Adding a social media hyperlink with a call to action such as “Follow Me on Facebook!" on email signatures.
  • Including social media channels in contact information on printed and virtual marketing materials.

3) Share interesting and informative content. The information that you share on social media should provide real value to your customers, whether it's in the form of short article snippets or engaging, professional videos. In addition to relevant insights on insurance-related topics, such as home maintenance or auto care, customers will appreciate engaging and informative content, such as helpful seasonal reminders and safety tips.

When customers benefit from the information they receive on social media, they are increasingly motivated to follow and engage. 

4) Find the right posting cadence. Consistency is key when it comes to communicating on social media. It is important to determine when your customers are most active on social channels, while also determining the amount of time they can realistically spend on social media marketing.

You should also assess customer engagement with your posts in terms of likes, comments and shares that a post receives and focus on sharing the content that is highly engaging to your followers. Once a posting cadence is established, remain consistent by posting on a regular schedule. For some, it may be helpful to set a reminder or schedule posts in advance.

5) Utilize online resources. Now more than ever, there are accessible, and often free, tools dedicated to developing an effective social media presence. From blogs and video tutorials to FAQs and user support within each platform, you can access a wealth of additional tips and step-by-step assistance online.

Yana Udaltsova is marketing content strategist at American Modern Insurance Group. American Modern's Social to Go website provides digital expertise and on-demand content for agents' marketing efforts.

Tuesday, June 8, 2021
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