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4 Questions to Ask About Your Agency Management System

Shopping for an agency management system to help improve efficiency? Regardless of your circumstances, here are four questions to help guide you toward the right solution for your agency.
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4 questions to ask about your agency management system

Think of your agency management system as a swiss army knife: It should automate processes, power collaboration and manage your clients. 

You might already have a solution for your agency management. Or, you might be shopping for an agency management system for the first time. Regardless of your circumstances, these questions will guide you toward the right solution for your agency. 

1) Does your AMS enable you to work remotely? Ideally, we'd all be in our offices right now. But, working efficiently while working remotely is now more important than ever. 

Even before the pandemic, the modern agent needed to be able to service clients and sell policies faster than ever before. This is because the modern consumer has come to expect fast service from every industry, including insurance. Browser-based insurance management systems enable you to meet and exceed those consumer expectations. 

Don't let your technology hold you back from providing great service from wherever you need to be—because consumers do not have the patience to wait. If your AMS does not enable your team to work remotely, it's time to consider a change. 

2) Does your AMS increase productivity and decrease taskings? In today's fast-paced world, success is tied to efficiency. An investment in an AMS is an investment in your productivity. 

Make a list of your current pain points with your current AMS. Can you cut a few day-to-day tasks with the introduction of a new solution? Ask yourself:

  • Are your customer follow-ups automated? 
  • Are you spending too much time generating reports to gain agency insights? 
  • Are you missing e-docs, e-sign, or other document management features? 
  • Are you able to use your AMS from anywhere? 

Searching carrier website to carrier website for a policy is not providing great service to your client. To achieve growth, you'll need to streamline your processes with the tools that allow agents to refocus on retaining clients and acquiring new ones. Your time and attention are valuable. Don't waste it. Automate processes and trust your AMS to work for you behind the scenes. 

3) Are you fully utilizing your AMS? Evaluating your agency management usage can be tricky. Is your whole team proficient with your agency management system? Were there training issues during the onboarding process? Is your current solution outdated and overcomplicated? Are you receiving dedicated support? 

Look for a solution that has dedicated support to walk you through any questions you might have. Do a deep dive into the knowledge base, if one is available. Check for FAQs, process documents, training videos and product tutorials. 

4) Does your AMS play well with others? The modern insurance agency needs various tools to run their daily operations efficiently.

Consumers are researching insurance online, which means you need a quality insurance agency website for that. Consumers want quotes fast, which means an accurate comparative rater is a must.

Even the best sales organizations don't have a 100% close ratio but an agency marketing system can nurture those unsold leads as well as cross-sell. No matter the size of your agency, that's a lot of touchpoints to manage. 

Your AMS should bring all those touchpoints together. But not all systems play well with others. Does the system you're evaluating integrate with your other technology? If not, is there an API available so you can integrate the systems? Many vendors also provide full-service agency solutions so that all your systems work together seamlessly.

You wear many hats as an insurance agent and while technology can never replace the value you bring to your clients, it is the key to your efficiency and, ultimately, your success. 

Your clients have high expectations for your agency and you should have high expectations for your agency management system, too. 

Zach Weeks is content marketing specialist at ITC, a leading provider of marketing, rating and management software and services to the insurance industry, including independent agents and insurance carriers.  

Thursday, January 14, 2021
Agency Operations & Best Practices