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October 2018

Volume 115, No. 10

October 2018

Leading By Example: 3 Real-Life Perpetuation Stories

Independent agents Ryan Smith, Heath Patterson, Carrie Ryan and Kristin Ryan share their personal experiences with insurance agency perpetuation.

Internal Revenue: The Alternative to Selling Your Agency

There’s no money in internal perpetuation—except for savvy agency owners. The path to success is clearer if you’re committed to owning a firm that becomes more valuable over time.

20/20 Hindsight: What You Need to Know Before You Sell

Agency owners looking to sell often get caught up in the dollars and cents of the transaction. But when they look back, they wish they’d focused more on the qualities that made them successful in the first place.

The E&O Angle of Making Agency M&As Work

Ever hear the adage, “The two happiest days in a person’s life are the day they buy their boat and the day they sell it”? The same is true of the insurance professional who views acquiring another agency through rose-colored glasses.

In Benefits, It Pays to Court Small Business

A small business prospect comes to you in search of health benefits for his five employees. How do you react?

Why Real Leaders Embrace Resistance

General Patton famously said, “You drive cattle. You lead people.” The more you try to drive cattle, the more they try to push back. At no time is this truer than when you’re trying to push through a change.

3 Components of an Effective Vlog

A few players spend billions of dollars a year to cast a wide brand net—mainly because it works! As a smaller independent agency, how can you compete with such strength and vast resources? One solution: vlogging.

Agency Profile: Common Core

For the last quarter century, Gibson has achieved the elite status of Best Practices Agency by applying a surprisingly simple formula.

Declaration of Independents: Cathy Hall

Earlier this year, NetVU named Cathy Hall Volunteer of the Year. Although she was “humbled” by the award, Hall believes she’s just one part of a greater whole.