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December 2018

Volume 115, No. 12

December 2018

Auto Zone: State of the Market

For several years, rates have been on the rise in both personal and commercial auto. As the U.S. auto insurance industry continues to transform, here’s how to hold on to your market share.

A New Road: How Driverless Cars Will Transform the Auto Market

As autonomous vehicles infiltrate the streets, liability and underwriting questions emerge.

E&O Questions for 21st-Century Personal Auto Coverage

With the advent of ridesharing services leading many individuals to use their personal vehicles for income, the insurance industry has had to adapt quickly.

Better with Age: More Over-70 Drivers Take the Wheel

Between 2006 and 2016, the number of licensed drivers age 65 or older increased by 38% to 41.7 million.

Why Your Next Appointment Needs To Be with Yourself

Take a look at your calendar. How much time do you have specifically set aside over the next 90 days to do business development work?

Leveraging Carrier Technology Without Sacrificing Your Brand

Many independent agencies don’t have the kind of financial or human resources necessary to offer their insurance clients convenient tech like chat services, 24/7 availability, mobile-optimized websites and mobile apps.

Use Emotional Intelligence to Hire Smarter

Developing deeper, more authentic connections with interviewees means being more relaxed and open to new perspectives that may differ from your own.

Why More Agencies Need to Embrace Mobile Solutions

Did you know that 85% of Gen Xers and 67% of baby boomers own a smartphone? Mobile is no longer a generational trend—it’s an established human preference, regardless of age or location.

Declaration of Independents: Taylie Carlson

Taylie Carlson built a whole other career in hospitality before she joined the family business in 2016—a rare history for a fourth-generation independent agent.