Offering RV Insurance? Ask Clients These 5 Questions

When asked to imagine the average RV owner, many people would picture a retired couple in an old motorhome in an RV park outside Reno.

But today’s RV owner is younger and more active than most people would expect. According to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association, the average RV owner is 49 years old­—and getting younger. Those between 35-54 years old are the fastest-growing demographic of RV purchasers, and nearly 40% of RV households have children under 18 in the house.

Today’s RV owners love the idea of spending their spare time outdoors with friends and family, and many RVers have elaborate setups for their home away from home. Visit an RV park today and you might find tiki torches and string lights, outdoor dining setups and even televisions with satellite service. You’ll also find recreational equipment like kayaks and bicycles.

RV owners can be a great audience for independent insurance agents looking for opportunities to offer specialty insurance. Liberty Mutual product research reports that customers with specialty insurance needs:

  • Are more likely to use and stick with a local agent.
  • Tend to value coverage over price alone.
  • Have double the written premium per household and nearly double the average policies per account.

Offering specialty insurance can help agents diversify from auto and home policies and build a base of loyal customers. However, agents need to know what questions to ask to ensure they offer clients the right coverage.

Here are a few key questions to ask RV clients:

1) Do you invite friends or other visitors to your RV? If the answer is yes, add vacation liability to the policy so your client doesn’t have to seek coverage under their homeowners policy in the event of a premises liability claim.

2) What type of equipment do you use with your RV? Adding personal effects coverage can ensure your client is adequately protected and won’t have to file a claim on their homeowners policy in the event of a loss.

3) Do you have a loan on your RV? If so, consider a carrier that offers gap coverage, replacement cost coverage and agreed value coverage.

4) Where do you travel with your RV? If your customer is going to Mexico, for example, liability coverage must be provided by an insurance company in Mexico. You’ll also want to choose an insurance carrier that offers Mexico physical damage coverage.

5) How many nights a year do you spend in your RV? Do you leave your RV permanently parked at an RV park? This is an important question because full-time RVers need different coverages than more casual users.

With fast and easy quoting through Quote & Issue™, Safeco is a great market for your RV customers. We offer vacation liability, multiple settlement options, Mexico coverage and personal effects coverage in many states.

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