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Insurance Women in Leadership: Growth Happens Outside of Your Comfort Zone

On this special Women’s History Month edition of Agency Nation Radio, women leaders in insurance reveal the grit and grace it takes to succeed in a male-dominated industry.
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insurance women in leadership: growth happens outside of your comfort zone

On this special Women's History Month edition of Agency Nation Radio, host Avery Moore, president of ECI Insurance in Edmonton, Oklahoma, and a member of the Big “I" national Young Agents Committee, leads a discussion with remarkable leaders who've carved their own paths in the independent agency system.

Joining the podcast are Michelle Middleton, president of Berkley Mid-Atlantic Insurance Group; Patience Noah, principal and owner of Patience Noah Insurance in Framingham, Massachusetts; and Jamie Bowden, personal lines agency growth coach at Agents United and chair of Utah Insurance Agents' Women in Insurance Committee. Together, they share their origin stories, challenges and the lessons learned along the way.

From starting agencies right out of college to navigating leadership roles in established companies, these women reveal the grit and grace it takes to succeed in a male-dominated industry.

"Success is easy—it's the fear of failure that gets really hard," Middleton says. “It keeps you from trying. And that's where we've got to be able to feel more confident to just jump off and know that you're going to work really hard."

Dive into candid conversations about the complexities of agency ownership, the importance of mentorship, and the unfiltered realities of work-life balance. Hear firsthand how these leaders embrace vulnerability, face their fears and find empowerment in taking bold, sometimes uncomfortable, steps toward growth.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or aspiring to step into leadership, tune in for insights, inspiration and a sense of community for women aiming to make their mark in the insurance industry and beyond.

Agency Nation Radio is where insurance professionals turn on the mic and share unscripted stories about leadership, technology, marketing, success, and failure—stories that helped make them the professionals they are today. From Main Street USA to the pages of Independent Agent—we've got the stories you want to hear. For more, catch Agency Nation Radio on your favorite streaming platform or visit
Thursday, March 28, 2024
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