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2022 InsurPac Fundraising Sets a New Record

InsurPac, the Big “I” political action committee (PAC) and one of the largest small business PACs in the country, raised $1,265,798 during the 2022 calendar year.
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insurpac achieves record fundraising year

InsurPac, the Big “I" political action committee (PAC), raised $1,269,794 during the 2022 calendar year, surpassing its previous high from 2021. A total of 3,445 donors invested an average of $370 per person.

Last year, 413 “major donors" gave $1,000 or more, 77 contributed over $2,500, and 32 gave the maximum amount of $5,000.

In 2022, South Carolina led the charge, which defended its title of InsurPac National Champions by raising $112,544. Rounding out the top five in total dollars raised was Illinois ($72,524), Texas ($66,276), Massachusetts ($65,155) and Georgia ($61,169). Overall, a total of 36 states achieved their InsurPac goal.

A competitive race occurred for the Big “I" Presidents Cup, given annually to the state whose past and current state presidents or chairs contribute the most money to InsurPac. New York defeated defending champion South Carolina by raising a total of $26,550.

During the fundraising campaign, a record-tying 18 states became InsurPac Eagle states after contributing an average of $100 or more per agency member. South Carolina again led the charge by raising an average of $376 per agency. Other states to achieve Eagle status were Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Dakota and Tennessee.

Young agents across the country also stepped up their game and contributed a record total of $184,552. South Carolina repeated as National Champions with a total of $36,035. Georgia finished second with a total of $17,715. Thirty-one states achieved their young agent InsurPac goal.

In the most recent election cycle, covering 2021-2022, InsurPac raised over $2.5 million dollars and distributed approximately $2 million. In the November election, InsurPac secured a 92% victory rate as 210 of the 228 candidates that it supported emerged victorious.

InsurPac remains one of the largest small business PACs in the country and is credited with making the Big “I" one of the most well-respected lobbying associations on Capitol Hill.

Nathan Riedel is Big “I" vice president of political affairs. Learn more at