From the Front Lines: Commercial Auto

derek rossDerek Ross
Kulchin Ross Insurance Services, LLC.

How did you get started in your agency?

Our agency was formed in 2011 after working with a large corporate firm for well over a decade. The mission was to create an environment that fosters integrity and superior customer service, coupled with a team of insurance professionals that embodies positive and forward insurance solution thinking.

Commercial auto experience?

Since the beginning of my career, I started focusing on a class of business that utilizes commercial vehicles—the construction industry. They are used for so many elements and without the ability to transport equipment or people, contractors would be unable to accomplish their business goals.

Biggest commercial auto passion?

I believe in protecting our environment, so I have focused on companies that understand this mission. Many of my clients are working hard to integrate clean energy vehicles into their fleets. These vehicles are reducing the company’s overall carbon footprint to the atmosphere, while lowering energy costs. Furthermore, it’s a nice sales tool to earn and retain business, especially in California, where people understand the value of leveraging environmental responsibility. The insurance companies also seem to value the ideology. From my experience, companies that are more forward-thinking tend to have lower loss ratios.

What do you say to a first-time commercial auto client?

How can I help you reduce your carbon footprint, while lowering your energy and insurance costs? This tends to spur a nice conversation which leads to more questions about future planning and viability.

Favorite commercial auto success story?

Watching a commercial fleet of vehicles for a landscape contractor move from large gas-guzzling motors to energy-efficient vehicles.

What do see in the future for commercial auto?

Commercial auto is here to stay. Our economy relies on transportation. The big question is, can we do it more efficiently? I believe the answer is yes. Everyone is a winner, and most importantly, future generations will thank us for making these revolutionary changes.

Morgan Smith is IA assistant editor.