Current Issue - IA Magazine

March 2017

Volume 114, No. 3

March 2017

Taming the Technology Beast: Creating a Tech Budget

For the average independent agency, technology needs and costs have transformed drastically in the last decade. Here are four steps to creating a technology budget that will help you get your arms around it all.

3 Digital Marketing Strategies that Amplify Personal Interaction

Digital marketing doesn’t diminish the value of meeting your client face to face—it enhances it. Here's how to get started, no matter how big or small your agency may be.

Point/Counterpoint: Should Agents Make SEO a Marketing Priority?

Is search engine optimization worth the effort? Two industry experts debate the issue.

Avoid a 'Swearing Match' in E&O Claims

An errors & omissions claim against an agent can often devolve into the agent’s word against the client’s. Your best weapon against this type of case: documentation of the facts.

How Preparation Can Boost Your Sales Game

If you’re a sports fan, you’ve probably arrived early to a ballpark or venue to enjoy a beverage or something hot off the grill before the game begins. Why not take the same approach in sales?

5 Ways to Rein In a Bad Boss

Almost every bad boss situation can improve—even just slightly—with some proactive work on your part. Use these five tips to start taming a bad boss today.

What's on Your Tech Wish List?

IA asked three independent agents what they wish they could afford if they had more wiggle room in their tech budget.

Agency Profile: Friendliest of Takeovers

Former owner Neil Zabo hired Josh Witt in 2006 and began grooming him to run and eventually purchase his agency. Ten years later, the perpetuation is complete.

Declaration of Independents: Denise Johnson

Denise Johnson broke a 103-year-old trend when she served as the first woman chair of the 2010 Independent Insurance Agents of Oklahoma board of directors.