Current Issue - IA Magazine

August 2017

Volume 114, No. 8

August 2017

How to Thrive in the Employee Benefits Market This Year

Take advantage of shifting employment trends and long-term disability policy innovations.

How Outsourcing Customer Service Can Foster Growth

Customer service is a sacred cow for many independent agencies. But if you have an eye on growth, outsourcing customer service might not only make sense, but actually help you strengthen relationships with clients.

All Inclusive: Serving the LGBTQ Community

The LGBTQ dollar carries serious clout in the U.S. Is your agency prepared to serve this community as both clients and employees?

Point/Counterpoint: Should Independent Agencies Keep Customer Service In-House?

Which does your agency implement: in-house or outsourced customer service? Two independent agents debate which is more effective.

How to Avoid E&O Claims From New Products

As new risks continue to emerge at a dizzying pace, new insurance products are cropping up constantly. And even a veteran insurance agent can run into trouble placing these new coverages.

How Poor Application Integrity Widens Loss Ratio Gaps

Incorrect or missing auto insurance application information costs insurers the equivalent of 10-15% of direct written premium each year. Why the decline in application integrity?

Why Making Quota Doesn't Always Make the Cut

Countless companies struggle to execute their overarching business strategy because their sales force is reluctant to align performance with it.

Agency Profile: Wonder Women

When Hobson Insurance founder Dale Longfellow noticed local sporting goods stores had trouble getting insurance, he joined forces with a buying group that enabled independent stores to buy merchandise together in order to compete with big-box names.

Declaration of Independents: Mike Beaulieu

Independent agent Mike Beaulieu says his restaurant experience makes his hospitality clients more comfortable working with him—"it's not someone just blowing smoke."