Current Issue - IA Magazine

June 2017

Volume 114, No. 6

June 2017

Change of Plans: Health Care in an Age of Uncertainty

The future of health care is uncertain. With the Affordable Care Act still in place, agents need to reassess their strategy for advising clients on health coverage options.

How to Teach Kids About Insurance

Educating your clients about insurance is a no-brainer. But what about their kids? Learn how to teach, not sell—and create informed customers along the way.

The Perils of Handling Unfamiliar Products and Exposures

Knowing what you can and can’t do isn’t rocket science—it’s one of the core pillars of professionalism. Don't wander into unfamiliar territory with your clients' property, wealth and reputation.

Why Millennials Are Underinsured—and How to Close the Gap

The good news: 74% of millennials believe not having insurance is risky. The bad news: They remain 14% less covered than older age groups.

10 Ways to Beat Distraction in the Workplace

Whether you’re preparing for designation exams or just trying to stay focused at the office, here are five tactics for cutting distractions during work.

Ask These Questions to Make Online Easier

For long-term business success, a scattered approach that makes online an afterthought simply won’t work. Here's how to transform your digital marketing strategy.

Why You Should Invest in a Data-Driven CRM

A CRM that incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning is the best way to truly harness the power of big data.

Agency Profile: Rural New York State of Mind

Leveraging digital technology has enabled this Best Practices agency to successfully forge a territory that far exceeds its rural base.

Declaration of Independents: Justin Hockley

Justin Hockley’s secret superpower is digital marketing, which has become indispensible in helping four agencies and a financial services firm succeed.