Current Issue - IA Magazine

September 2017

Volume 114, No. 9

September 2017

Full Circle: Meet Your New Big 'I' Chairman

Vaughn Graham got his start in an insurance company mailroom at 16. Today, he’s the new Big “I” chair. Learn how he plans to help build up the community that gave him a solid foundation.

Words Matter: Is Your Website Language E&O-Safe?

Does your agency’s website make promises you can’t keep? Even the most innocuous language could morph into an errors & omissions disaster.

Setting the Right E&O Limits for Your Agency

Want to avoid getting a letter from your E&O carrier informing you of an uncovered, excess exposure? When selecting E&O coverage limits, ask—and honestly answer—these questions.

Why You Need to Talk to Your Clients About HSAs

Health savings accounts enable employers to provide a high-deductible health care plan with an account employees can fund on a pre-tax basis.

4 Ways to Embrace Diversity at Your Agency

Hiring a diversified team of professionals is critical to helping cultivate a better working environment and retaining a budding workforce.

How Using Slack Can Help Boost Office Productivity

How can you do more, in less time, with a more concentrated effort and better results? Enter: Slack, an efficient, next-level instant messaging platform.

Enhance Your Marketing Efforts with a Content Calendar

Looking for the best possible marketing effort with the smallest time investment? One of the first steps you should take is to create—and follow—a comprehensive content calendar.

Agency Profile: All In

At Best Practices agency Ross & Yerger, everyone’s business card could say “owner.” Employees in all roles say being 100%-employee owned drives a sense of accountability and pride.

Declaration of Independents: Debbie Gates

Last fall, Debbie Gates had a family emergency that took her out of the office for 48 days. During that timeframe, her boss paid her every penny of her salary—and made sure her benefits were adequate to help support her family’s medical costs.