Current Issue - IA Magazine

May 2017

Volume 114, No. 5

May 2017

The Small Stuff: Grooming Your Small Commercial Book

Small businesses continue to be a major niche for independent agents. Here’s how to hold on to your market share of this thriving demographic.

Millennial Recruitment: One Size Fits None

When dealing with millennials in the workforce, don’t let individual success traits get lost in a sea of generalizations.

Point/Counterpoint: Should Agents Worry About Small Commercial Going Online?

Should you be concerned about more platforms cropping up for small businesses to find insurance solutions online? Two independent agents debate the issue.

E&O Risks When Insuring the Cannabis Industry

Like any other business, marijuana growers and distributors need insurance coverage. But growing, distributing and possessing marijuana is a still a crime under federal law.

Make Prospects Come to You

Instead of spending time trying to find prospects, wouldn't it be more productive if your prospects found you?

Quick, Cheap Ways to Improve Customer Experience

Customer experience is a big deal, and for good reason. But improving yours doesn’t have to cost big bucks or require an expert.

5 Effective Employee Retention Strategies

The threat of outside opportunities luring away your top talent is always looming, which makes high employee turnover a constant challenge in any industry.

Agency Profile: Big Tech, Small Town

This small-town firm plans to slay the giant by offering its clients what an InsurTech disruptor can’t: face-to-face service fully supported by the ease and efficiency of digital operations.

Declaration of Independents: Brittany Woods

After climbing the ranks from receptionist to commercial lines producer, Brittany Woods realized no other career path could be as fulfilling as insurance.