Current Issue - IA Magazine

February 2017

Volume 114, No. 2

February 2017

Small Shop, Big City: The New Face of the Small Agency

Smaller agencies can’t compete in the city—or so says conventional wisdom. But the 2016 Future One Agency Universe Study suggests otherwise.

Serving the Luxury Life: High Net-Worth Market Update

As the threat of directs and disruptors weighs heavy on standard personal lines, high net-worth clients comprise a market ripe for independent agents who are interested in maintaining their market share. How has this lucrative industry morphed in recent years, and what lies ahead?

How to Avoid E&O Risks When Serving High Net-Worth Clients

Offering insurance packages to protect clients’ various interests comes with inherent risk. That risk increases alongside the client’s net worth.

Defining Terms: What Does ‘High Net Worth’ Mean?

Home value, premium size, number of residences—what factors do carriers consider when determining what constitutes a high net-worth client?

Why Your HR Team Needs a Devil’s Advocate

Humans have a tendency to seek out evidence that confirms what we already believe. This ‘confirmation bias’ can be a big mistake during the hiring process.

Leverage Milestone Moments as Marketing Opportunities

Big moments in clients’ lives correlate closely with insurance shopping and defection. Here’s how to be intentional about integrating important life events into a retention marketing strategy.

Using Tech to Compete with Larger Firms

In a high-consolidation atmosphere, small agencies face enormous pressure to either join a cluster or sell to a larger firm. Instead, use technology to enhance your biggest strengths: speed and adaptability.

Agency Profile: The Purple Cows

For a decade, a controlled substance and drivers carrying less than $20 have secured year-over-year growth for Stratton Agency.

Declaration of Independents: Tony Ambush

Tony Ambush, the first and only African-American Big “I” national director, believes that while “we can’t change the injustices of our country’s history, we can change the future.”