Current Issue - IA Magazine

July 2017

Volume 114, No. 7

July 2017

10 Young Agents Tell All

10 independent agents in their 20s and 30s share their experience and insights—and how they plan to help perpetuate the insurance industry.

Not Mini Millennials: Introducing Generation Z

As members of Generation Z begin to graduate high school and college and take their place in the workforce, what do they want as employees?

Understanding E&O Risk in the Digital Age

Millennials are more likely to purchase, service and modify their insurance online or through other electronic methods. How does the potential for an errors & omissions claim increase with this shift toward a virtual marketplace?

Teaching Millennials the Right Way to Prospect

Many millennial salespeople may rely too heavily on social media for prospecting. To get them to try other methods, ask these 10 questions.

Is It Time to Revise Your Leadership Style?

According to a recent report, managers must change their leadership style when dealing with millennials. Here's how to be the leader millennials need.

How to Mold Young People Into Your Agency Culture

To grow your business and fill talent holes, you need to consider who will make your organization stronger before you invest in hiring and training. But how do you determine whether a candidate will be a good fit? Use the ATM method.

Why Marketing Shouldn't Be About Carriers

In insurance, “marketing” typically­ references the scramble to satisfy carriers. But what drives more sales in the first place? Marketing to customers and prospects.

Agency Profile: Finding True North

Dyste Williams Agency has acquired 11 other agencies since 1992 and, with five producers, is dedicated to building relationships with small business clients by providing resources that large firms can access more readily.

Declaration of Independents: Laura Deeley Bren

“Blessed to live at the beach,” this second-generation agent says a perfect day begins surfing with her family and continues with a coastal property insurance deal at her Best Practices agency.