Current Issue - IA Magazine

April 2017

Volume 114, No. 4

April 2017

Rewriting the Story: Don't Accept the Disruptor Narrative is cutting through disruptors—and questioning the digital insurance narrative.

In the Groove: 5 Steps for Onboarding New Producers

How do you make sure your new hire's skills match your agency's priorities? The right relationship starts with a thorough onboarding process.

How to Avoid Careless Reasons for an E&O Claim

No one wants to look foolish in a professional setting. But a number of foolhardy practices result in real-life errors & omissions claims against insurance agents.

Increase Your Agency’s Value While M&A Activity Is Hot

Property-casualty agencies dominate M&A sales, but what makes one agency more valuable than another?

7 Productivity Hacks that Make a Great Salesperson

While you’re stuck in the same old rut, top salespeople are hacking their way to more sales. Here's how they do it.

Why Your Agency Should Have a Brand Enforcer

Because consistency is a brand’s best friend, you need someone in your agency to ensure all materials accurately align with your brand message, voice and tone.

3 Common Teambuilding Approaches—And Why They Don't Work

Typical approaches to enhancing teamwork not only don’t work—they’re often counterproductive.

Agency Profile: Rocket Launch on the Digital Scene

The frustrations of buying insurance for their startup sparked the next venture for entrepreneurs Benji Markoff and Mark Davis. Joined by lawyer Carl Niedbala, the trio of insurance novices co-founded a brokerage that specializes in new ventures.

Declaration of Independents: Ryan Murdie

Newly licensed at age 19, Ryan Murdie planned to sell insurance to all his friends—but “learned just how important qualifying a prospect was,” he recalls.