Rethinking Customer Service and Where You Can Add True Value

Safeco Insurance is constantly looking forward to uncover opportunities and challenges that lie ahead for the independent agent channel.

Safeco’s new report, “Independent Agents Shift Focus from Service to Growth,” tackles the question of how independent agents can grow without compromising service or jeopardizing retention. It outlines how digital tools and carrier service programs like Safeco Gold can help agents focus on areas where they provide the most value, as well as tap into new markets.

For example, did you know the Safeco Gold customer service team offers Spanish language support? Now you can expand your ability to confidently help more customers, without hiring more people!

Safeco also created as a resource to provide independent agents with actionable insights and to help develop capabilities that enable you to be an Agent for the Future—one who is thriving today while also evolving to take advantage of new opportunities.

Safeco’s recent Agent for the Future survey asked independent agents about trends they think will shape insurance through the year 2020—and what they are doing today to prepare for tomorrow. One key finding: Agents want to spend substantially less time responding to service needs and shift their focus to growing their business. According to the survey:

  • Independent agents currently allocate 21% of their time to customer service, but they want to cut that in half to just 10% by2020.
  • Today, agents spend only 9% of their time prospecting for new clients. In 2020, agents want to up that to 16%—making new clients the second highest priority in 2020, right after spending 26% of their time quoting new business.
Check out Safeco’s animated graphics to learn more. Let’s go confidently together!