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The Hanover Enhances Lawyers Coverages in New Business Environment

The new product offers flexible, standalone professional liability coverage for a wide range of law firms, including growing law practices.
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PRODUCT: The Hanover Lawyers Advantage

COMPANIES: The Hanover Insurance Group Inc.


AVAILABILITY: Appointed agents and brokers

FOCUS: In today's highly complex legal and regulatory business environment, law firms can't afford to be without professional liability insurance. The Hanover offers tailored protection to law firms to address the many risks they face, from those that arise from technology and cybersecurity to the risks posed by clients and the lawyers themselves.

“With this product, our agents can help best protect their clients with flexible, individualized solutions," says Sarah Medina, president, professional liability, The Hanover. “One of the ways The Hanover Lawyers Advantage enhancement improves upon the previous offering is by providing explicit coverage for remote notarization and electronic notarization services."

“This coverage is critically important for lawyers and firms as they've changed the ways they operate and interact with clients in today's digital world," Medina adds.

COVERAGE DETAILS: The Hanover Lawyers Advantage offers flexible, standalone professional liability coverage for a wide range of law firms, including growing practices. Key coverages in the base form include:

  • Privacy and security liability coverage for liability related to the mishandling of a client's personal information.
  • Remote notarization services and electronic notarization services are expressly included.
  • 50% deductible reduction for mediation claim settlement up to $10,000.

In addition to a new base policy form, a new professional liability enhancement endorsement adds nine supplemental coverages, including canceled conferences, emergency web hosting and pet boarding. Additionally, a new specific client limit endorsement offers the ability to increase the policy limit on an individual client basis, providing a convenient method to meet insurance limit requirements in contracts.

UNDERWRITING: Rating is based on the number of attorneys and other factors, including areas of practice, risk management and prior loss experience. The Hanover can also indicate and quote based on a competitor application. Limits of liability range from $100,000 to $10 million for select firms.

TARGET: A wide range of law firms. From one to 50 attorneys with an optimal firm size of one to 10 attorneys. Target areas of practice range from bankruptcy and civil litigation defense to taxation and workers compensation.

COVERAGE AVAILABILITY: Available for new business in all U.S. states except and Oregon. State approval is pending in California and New York.


CONTACT: Sarah Medina, president of professional liability, The Hanover; 860-697-4317.

Will Jones is IA editor-in-chief.

Monday, September 26, 2022
Professional Liability
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