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Pioneer Programs Launches Active Shooter Prevention Program

Pioneer Programs created a comprehensive, risk management approach to active shooters focused on preventing and mitigating such events.
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PRODUCT: Targeted Violence Program

COMPANIES: Pioneer Programs, Lloyd’s of London and 1st Watch Global

BEST RATING: A (Excellent)

AVAILABILITY: Currently being offered to the wholesale market only but will entertain any submission from a licensed, U.S. wholesale broker.

FOCUS: Pioneer Programs’ Targeted Violence Program addresses a growing trend in society, active shooter events, and worked with some of the best in the business to create a comprehensive, risk management approach.

While some insurance products in the current market are purely reactive—where the insured is provided with a telephone number to call if an event occurs and receives no assistance or guidance in making their operations more secure to deter or prevent such an event—the Targeted Violence Program addresses a greater need: preventing and mitigating such events.

“We have partnered with 1st Watch Global, which is an assessment company that employs highly trained and qualified individuals to help insureds make necessary changes to prevent or mitigate active assailant events.,” says Michael Kwan, president, Pioneer Programs. “1st Watch Global’s principals are both ex-FBI senior managers that had influential input and participation with counter-terrorism and critical incident response units.”

“We have also partnered with some very knowledgeable people within Lloyds of London that are familiar with this space and believe that this is the proper approach for proactive insureds,” he adds.

COVERAGE DETAILS: The policy itself is designed to be broad and competitive with all other policy forms in the marketplace. It’s an occurrence-based policy that will cover both third-party claims, including bodily injury and physical damage, and first-party claims, including physical damage, business interruption, victim counseling services, funeral expenses, brand rehabilitation, emergency accommodations, forensic cleanup and more.

The base form covers all single bodily acts of violence from guns, knives, swords and more. An enhanced form that covers multiple bodily-injury incidents is also available, which includes bombs and automobiles that are used as weapons. “The full coverage is often more comprehensive and cheaper than purchasing TRIA coverage through the GL form,” Kwan says.

Typically, limits are $5 million but $10 million can be provided in capacity on select accounts.

UNDERWRITING: First, the insured must call and receive an assessment from 1st Watch Global. Once a report is completed, Pioneer Programs can quickly calculate a premium based on the overall assessment and the insured’s plans to make any changes or modifications based on the assessment

The average assessment takes 2 days and costs around $7,000. However, the maximum credit between an average and best risk is roughly 35%. In many cases, the insurance savings will cover the cost of the assessment. 


TARGET: The product was originally designed for mid-to-large sized commercial businesses, especially those with risk managers, but due to the overall approach and price, any commercial insured would benefit from the risk-management-based approach. 

“Unfortunately, we have seen that all commercial business is susceptible to this growing crisis,” Kwan says. “There are certain industry segments that are seeking this more actively, such as educational facilities, school districts, hospitals and medical facilities, municipalities, public entities, and houses of worship. However, as we’ve witnessed in the recent past, bars, restaurants, concert venues, hotels, small businesses and malls should have concerns about this exposure as well.”


COVERAGE TERRITORY: Restricted to the insured’s premises or locations.

CONTACT: Pioneer Programs, 201 South Lake Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101; 626-696-3040.

Will Jones is IA managing editor.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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