Why You Need to Recruit All the Time

The idea of searching for talent when there is no immediate need can make many insurance agents scratch their heads. Why recruit when you’re not hiring?

Insurance recruiting is hard enough without putting a 30-day time limit on it. Many agents give up if they don’t find a hire within that month. But considering the requirements many agents have for new hires—“licensed,” “five years minimum experience,” “commercial experience,” “bilingual”—it should come as no surprise that finding
this (unicorn) candidate may take much longer than 30 days.

Keep that ad running. If you have a high standard of requirements for your next new hire, you need to invest in more time on the job boards:


Average Time to Hire

Customer service/receptionist (no experience)

30 days

P-C customer service

45-60 days

Experienced p-c customer service

60-75 days

Experienced commercial customer service

90 days

Sales (no experience)

30 days

Sales (p-c experience)

60-75 days

Sales (commercial experience)

90-120 days

After building over 2,000 job ads and working with over 2,000 agents personally, I’ve learned that if recruiting ads are running all the time, three major outcomes are likely to happen:

  • You can be much more selective with candidates because you won’t feel rushed to hire—which means you’ll only hire the best instead of the least worst.
  • Even if you aren’t actively hiring, you can build a bench of candidates—and if someone does leave, it cuts their replacement time by 50%.
  • You will always have the opportunity to connect with the most experienced insurance professionals when they are looking—enabling you to decide if you want to pursue them for a change.

Try to think of recruiting as an opportunity cost instead of an expense, and then find a solution that will allow you to recruit all the time at a reduced cost. That way you won’t find yourself in a situation so desperate that a bad candidate turns into a bad hire.

John Hill is director of sales at IdealTraits, a Big “I Hires partner. Big “I” Hires offers cutting-edge tools to help agents hire top-performing sales and service staff.